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Shopping Addict

The first thing I always do when I get home (besides hug my bed) is go shopping!

Yesterday I hit up Trader Joe’s and finally today I got to my beloved Whole Foods and Target!

Some of my wonderful goodies




Did I tell you guys I’ve given up cow’s milk? I’ve had it one time in about two weeks (today actaually, I forgot to ask for soy milk when I went to starbucks after yoga)


I’m thinking it should be like naturally more? Anyone know?


Whole wheat graham crackers!! I nearly cried.



I am a big fan of those chocolate bars!


And a pretty decent size for 100 calories!

Whole Foods


Some things I have been excited to try for a while!


I was way too excited about the bulk products. Medjool dates (YUM YUM YUM) raw cashews to make my own cashew butter, buckwheat so I can make breakfast bakes and nooch. Plus fresh ground honey roasted PB.

I had some of the PB and dates for a snack, it was to die for.

And some other random fun things






And I won’t bore you with everything I got at Target but it was a lot of workout clothes.



And a pretty sweet new watch

Today PerMa and I went to a power vinyasa class for a pre-race day workout. I’m not sure it was the best idea because my quads and butt were already KILLING from barbell strength yesterday but I guess I’ll just power through tomorrow?? Yikes…

We then went to pick up our race packets, the race shirts are really neat!


I love my city! =D

I’ve pinned my number on for my first half tomorrow!!



We had a standard pre-race dinner. Whole wheat spaghetti with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, garlic and canned tomatoes sauteed in EVOO. With a little piece of garlic bread.

Need to get some sleep, see you tomorrow post-race!



What’s your favorite grocery store or store in general?


What I Know

Sarah Kay is an amazing spoken word poet. In this video she talks about how she encourages students to write poetry about what they “know to be true”.


The video is a little long but completely amazing and worth watching, even just the first 5 minutes.

Here are 10 things I know to be true

1) 2+2=4

2) I felt pretty all day today

3) I only have 3 weeks left of classes

4) I have a surprise for you all this weekend!

5) I love my family

6) I am excited for tomorrow night (it’s my friends birthday!!)

7) I was unhappy to wake up to this


seriously? I wore sandals yesterday

8) I love running

9) I am currently eating toast

10) I sincerely appreciate anyone who is reading this

I think this is a great exercise even if you are just feeling overwhelmed by something in the middle of the day. It helps you come back to reality. It can be fun and silly, serious or just some straight facts. Try it next time you need to come back down to earth!

What else I know to be true is that I woke up sick, really sick =(. My appetite has NOT been on point.


I had a salad for lunch but sadly did not enjoy it at all



I also had a yogurt bowl for breakfast and some random other snickerdoodles, peanut butter, cheerios and fruit throughout the day.




Tell me some things you know to be true

Don’t be a Drag


Just be a queen =).

So, I’ve mentioned before that my school is tiny and full of hippies. So what happens on my Saturday night at this kind of school? Drag show in the science center baby.

I was a bad blogger and forgot my camera =(. I have some pics on my phone but they’re really crappy (and may scare the children).

The main point I wanted to make was that I was incredibly surprised by what I got out of the show (besides endless amazing entertainment). I walked away incredibly inspired.

I used to always live by the phrase “I do me”. I still believe that but I haven’t been showing it as much lately. I’ve been having a hard time balancing breaking back into college life for my recovery and living the healthy life I still want to mainly because I am afraid of judgement.

However, watching these phenomenal ladies, I have never seen better examples of people just “doing them”.

So last night and this morning I did both sides of me by getting al dressed up (heels and all) and dancing all night with some new girlfriends. I then got up at 9 this morning to take a long walk and buy spinach, sprouted grain bread and peanut butter =).


Have you ever had this kind of PB? It’s not my fave but I do love it! The price tag makes me nauseous so I only get it once in a while. There has already been serious damage done.


For the past few days I’ve just been really snacky. Including putting peanut butter and honey on everything I can find.


Sesame toast cuc with dijon and strawberries

I did manage some greenage for dinner (I need more in my life)


Spinach, mango, hummus, tofu, broc and carrots. Sprouted grain muffin with smart balance and blueberry preserves.

Off to paint my nails, wash my hair (wow) and do a bio project!



What has inspired you lately?

Any recent food addictions? Yes, I’ve always love PB and honey but I fear it is getting somewhat out of hand

Off Week

I feel like I have had such on off week of food. Actually it’s been just kind of an off week for me in general but it has included my eats.

To me, a healthy diet includes nutritious food, a good balance and variety. I have been severely lacking in variety this week. I feel like I have been living off of hummus, nut butter, cereal, oatmeal and pretzels. Mainly because I have. I have also been indulging quite a but in my enjoy life snicker-doodles and dark chocolate.

Again, most of these foods are not unhealthy so I’m not too worried but I’ve also been very sleepy and not had a lot of motivation for school work. I am going to make it a point this week to pack my meals with veggies and try for much more fresh fruit… and I could probably be cool with ONE dessert.

Right after breakfast I went to the store just for veggies, and actually got just veggies! Win for Caitlin! Ok, I got a mango and grapes too… and some gum but I’m not counting those =)


For “lunch” (it was small) I threw together two corn tortillas with laughing cow and leftover baked beans with a bowl of some veg and superfruit vinaigrette.

I worked on a paper and then took a nap.

And woke up super hungry so had a mini breakfast cookie dough bowl (told you)


It held me for all of an hour before I was starving again. It was a little after 5 so I thought I would try to push dinner back a little. I had an apple and the last of my pineapple and felt like I had eaten nothing.

Clearly cooking something was not going to work so I had a pumpkin yogurt bowl


One box of cereal gone!

and a pita with PB

and four snicker-doodles

and a little bowl of cheerios

and a hummus wrap

and a handful of almonds

And I’m hungry… and I have issues


How do you get “back on track”

Would you like some of my appetite? There is plenty to go around!

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number

Previous recovery help

How to stop counting calories

Separation is Key

Reach out

Well, it turns out that weight, body composition and health IS much more than just a number. DSCI0100.JPG


I truly cannot emphasize this enough. First, I will say, if you must be weighed by your doctor as part of recovery that is fine however in this case, NEVER make it a point to find out your weight.

To your ED, the scale measures self worth. It measures whether you will have a good day or bad day, how much better you are than everyone else, how much you are allowed to eat that day and how much you have to work out.

What the scale really measures? Arguably your weight, arguably not a whole hell of a lot. The scale gives you a number THAT’S IT. That is not a measure of health and in reality it may give you a number 5 pounds different the next day.

Most scales do not measure body fat to muscle mass, take bloating or water weight into account and many may not be calibrated correctly. Other things scales don’t do?


Congratulate you on your amazing run

Tell you that even if you don’t like the number you still look beautiful (which you do, all of you, all of the time)

Hug you or apologize after it ruined your day

And besides, I’m pretty sure that if I dropped a scale it would break in half. Something THAT weak is going to bring down people who are THIS strong? I think not my friends, not at all. 201104082007.jpg

For lunch I cleverly packed a pumpkin yogurt bowl! (tupperware?)


Greek yogurt and pumpkin, baggie of oat, spelt flakes and wheat chex, and butter crunch cashew crumbles and Justin’s PB. I used a little more than 1/2 the packet.

Snack plate, plus cereal and more PB and almonds. I need to just have a much bigger lunch, a big afternoon snack and a light dinner. That’s what has been happening anyway I should just plan it that way so I can get more veggies in.


For dinner I made a simple hummus wrap with cuc, spinach and dijon plus baby carrots and pineapple.


A pickle jumped in because I found them when I put the hummus away… mmm salty =).

I’m going to a presentation tonight called “I heart female orgasm”, I’ll let you know how it is!



What’s your opinion on scales? I’ve weighed myself once since I’ve been in recovery, I will not again and I’m not looking back!

Fun Friday night plans?