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What I… Wednesday

Hello again my loves! I’m getting back into the blogging grove and to celebrate I though I would jump on the

What I Wednesday train!

What I ate


Oats in almost empty nut butter jar! 1/2 cup oatmeal, a whole apple sliced, cinnamon and truvia with a ton of naturally more left at the bottom!

I knew exactly what I wanted for lunch, so after shopping and galavanting and such I finally got it!

Almond butter and blueberry preserves sandwich, carrot and cuc with dijon


Soy milk martini for extra protein


I also threw some dill on my veg because fun fact about me, it’s my favorite seasoning! Apart from cinnamon =P


For dinner I whipped out this (it was actually delicious and tasted like pesto) I jazzed it up with cucumber and chickpeas with steamed green beans on the side.


I forgot to take a picture of my plate so here are the lovely leftovers =).

I also had a small bowl of blueberries and greek yogurt for dessert!

What I Worked

Because my hill run killed me yesterday and I don’t normally run two days in a row I wasn’t planning on it but I had to celebrate national running day! So I did an easy 1.5 miles on the treadmill while waiting for barbell strength to start. I the strengthend with a barbell for an hour!

I normally love the class but it was a teacher I’ve never been to and she left so much downtime between tracks it drove me insane!!

What I did

I have been on a mad hunt for the love of my life’s new perfume


I’m almost 20 and have MAD Bieber fever, let’s get over it.

This took me to the mall where I discovered that a Forever 21 was put in whilst I was at school, I jumped for joy and cried for my debit card.



Hello lover



And the comfiest shorts ever that were less than $5!! WINNING


Rocked with my fave T. I got PerMa and I matching ones for her birthday =D.

And Finally I stopped at the library


two parts brain, one part body


One part silly obsession!

I’ve already started new rules of lifting, I really like it, hopefully look for a review!

I now must watch my other loves dominate the Blue Jay’s!

201106012113.jpg \

So sorry to any Canadian readers!



What are qualities you look for in group fitness?

Name some teenie-bopper obsessions you have!

What have you read lately?

Best thing you ate today?


Bad Blogger!

I’m so sorry friends, I realize I’m the worst blogger in the world! Truly it’s just been laziness (I believe created by the horrible weather that we’ve been experiencing). So let me break down my last few days for you!

Half Marathon

This past Sunday I ran my first half marathon. it was the Cleveland Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k.

Me and my mom ran it plus my sister came up from school (she’s an hour from home) with a friend of hers and they ran it too! It was a lot of fun to have so many female, runners together, even for just one night!

I got up at 5:30, got dressed and everything together that I hadn’t the night before. I ate a honey roasted PB and banana sandwich on whole wheat toast and we were out of the driveway by 6am!

We had to park about 1/2 a mile away from the start so we got a good warm up in. The start was right outside of Browns Stadium (<3 Peyton Hillis <3) so we got to use the bathrooms in the stadium before instead of port-o-potties.

The first 5 miles were on highways and hills. It was fun to run on the highway but I very stupidly took aleve before the race so for this whole time I thought I was going to vomit. Eventually the feeling passed and the second hour flew by, was great and super fun! Especially going over the huge bridge!


Love the statues =)


During the race I had water and poweraid at every stop plus to 8 ounce bottle of water and one of gatorade I had with me. I also had 2 GU’s, I normally use beans but after this I am switching to GU’s, they just worked better for me!

My time was pretty slow but not horrible.


Monday– 45 VERY EASY elliptical, my quads were on fire, I needed and easy peasy recovery.

Tuesday- 50 min ET, some body weight work. Evening- Total conditioning group class. I went because I LOVE the teacher and PerMa was going, it kicked my butt. I have never done so many jump squats.

Wednesday– 15 min bike intervals, 35 min ET, 30 min core class.

Thursday– CRT (Cardio resistance training) group fitness class. Very fast compound strength moves for an hour so you get a full body and cardio workout.

Food! (best part)


Whole wheat toast with honey roasted PB, raspberry jam and banana


Two poached eggs on sprouted grain sesame toast with lettuce and tomato, baby carrots and everything topped with dijon

*baby carrots and dijon=new best thing EVER*


The other night we made pineapple-tofu stir fry to use veggies up. Green beans, carrots, asparagus, spinach, green pepper, onion, tofu and pineapple all stir-fryed in vegan worcestershire sauce that I found at whole foods, score!!


I had a small portion because I snacked a lot that afternoon

And fun lunchtime snack plates

Romaine with hummus, four slice tofurkey slices, leftover roast cauliflower, two pickles and pineapple chunks.

And the other day I tried my coconut milk “yogurt” for a nighttime snack


Topped with frozen pineapple chunks to make it very tropical. I now love this stuff, too overpriced but so so good!

And for a last note, my grades came out today so I wanted to brag

Total Earned Credits Total Grade Points Term GPA




Course/Section and Title Grade Credits

BIOL*110 01 Human Biology



SOCI*291 01 Contemp Food Movements (WL)



ENGL*195 01 Brit Lit Hist:Lit Landscap(WL



IDST*228 01 MLKjr/Quest Racial Just (IS)



I promise promise promise to get beck to regular blogging, still love you all !!
What are your favorite stir fry ingredients?

Favorite vegetable dip/topping?

Anyone a baseball fan? Be jealous of my Indians =D

So Much!

I couldn’t think of another title just because I have so much to tell you all! I’ve decided to break it into categories to make it easier on all of us =).


I made it home from school safe and sound, unfortunately I cannot say the same for my camera. Don’t worry, it’s safe and sound, just in storage in the basement of my dorm instead of in Cleveland (oops). At first I just panicked but then I remembered PerMa has a camera too, yay! 201105131317.jpg


Is non-existent! Funny story, it was actually never existent. I tried to run yesterday and immediately my feet were screaming. I was incredibly sad and worried but luckily there was a spin class about to start to I headed over there. Oddly my feet kept hurting throughout spin and then my ankles hurt too. I suddenly knew what was wrong. I stopped my bike, untied my shoes and re-tied them looser. The pain instantly went away. My shoes were tied too tight. The whole time. Wow Caitlin.

The newspaper decided to get in on the joke this morning by publishing some race tipsCIMG0281.JPG

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Being Home and Food!

I love being home for many reasons

My gym


My gym =). I went to spin yesterday and ran a mile in total. Today I ran 2.5 miles and went to barbell strength.


My TV! And re-runs of Real Housewives of New Jersey =)


A REAL, stocked, kitchen! Which I cleaned right after I took this.


And good food! Whole wheat TJ’s tortilla with tofurkey, dijon, lettuce and pickles.


baby carrots with dijon and frozen pineapple.

I had a wonderful trip to Trader Joe’s this morning but this is already long so I’ll report the goods back tonight!



Who has a race coming up? I am SO SO SO happy I can run the half on Sunday!!

What’s your favorite thing about being home?

What’s your favorite Trader Joe’s goody?


Here’s something I don’t believe I’ve shared with you all

Photo 79.jpg

I have a tattoo. I got it for my eighteenth birthday with my two best friends from high school (Hi Ma’ayan and Maya!!). We didn’t get matching tattoos but I was still a really nice thing, I was the last to turn 18 so they waited for me and my birthday is at the end of July so is was right before we all left for college.

I had wanted to dove holding an olive branch for a long time so I could have a constant reminder of the importance of peace and justice on my person.

Recently I’ve been thinking about getting another one for my twentieth birthday this summer, or maybe right after I finish the Chicago marathon.

I was thinking of getting my favorite quote “We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time”– T.S. Elliot The Four Quartets


Lunch came very soon after breakfast in the form of a veggie burger in whole wheat pita with cheese and salsa and a salad with superfruit vinaigrette


I promise this is the last night. The good news is I actually wanted other food more but I really just needed to get rid of the pumpkin. Pumpkin yogurt with quaker square, wheat chex, butter crunch cashew crumbs, PB and dried cranberries





Do you have any tattoos? What’s your take on them?

How about piercings?

OK, seriously people who is going to come help me eat all of the food I have left?

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number

Previous recovery help

How to stop counting calories

Separation is Key

Reach out

Well, it turns out that weight, body composition and health IS much more than just a number. DSCI0100.JPG


I truly cannot emphasize this enough. First, I will say, if you must be weighed by your doctor as part of recovery that is fine however in this case, NEVER make it a point to find out your weight.

To your ED, the scale measures self worth. It measures whether you will have a good day or bad day, how much better you are than everyone else, how much you are allowed to eat that day and how much you have to work out.

What the scale really measures? Arguably your weight, arguably not a whole hell of a lot. The scale gives you a number THAT’S IT. That is not a measure of health and in reality it may give you a number 5 pounds different the next day.

Most scales do not measure body fat to muscle mass, take bloating or water weight into account and many may not be calibrated correctly. Other things scales don’t do?


Congratulate you on your amazing run

Tell you that even if you don’t like the number you still look beautiful (which you do, all of you, all of the time)

Hug you or apologize after it ruined your day

And besides, I’m pretty sure that if I dropped a scale it would break in half. Something THAT weak is going to bring down people who are THIS strong? I think not my friends, not at all. 201104082007.jpg

For lunch I cleverly packed a pumpkin yogurt bowl! (tupperware?)


Greek yogurt and pumpkin, baggie of oat, spelt flakes and wheat chex, and butter crunch cashew crumbles and Justin’s PB. I used a little more than 1/2 the packet.

Snack plate, plus cereal and more PB and almonds. I need to just have a much bigger lunch, a big afternoon snack and a light dinner. That’s what has been happening anyway I should just plan it that way so I can get more veggies in.


For dinner I made a simple hummus wrap with cuc, spinach and dijon plus baby carrots and pineapple.


A pickle jumped in because I found them when I put the hummus away… mmm salty =).

I’m going to a presentation tonight called “I heart female orgasm”, I’ll let you know how it is!



What’s your opinion on scales? I’ve weighed myself once since I’ve been in recovery, I will not again and I’m not looking back!

Fun Friday night plans?