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Failed Thursday, Fun Friday!

Happy weekend all! I hope you all had a fantastic Friday to start off your weekend, I sure did! For the past 2 days I’ve been hanging out with someone you haven’t heard much about,


PapaPerm! On Thursday we went to downtown Cleveland to lunch at a place I’ve never been put PapaPerm swore it had the best middle eastern food in Cleveland. I must say, I believe him to be right!

It was called Nate’s and has been a little hole in the wall dinner for 25 years and is still jam packed everyday!


West 25th street is known for ethnic food, Cambodia, Turkish, Lebanese for just a few


Hummus Tabouleh pita rolled for me


Fatoush salad for him. Everything was delicious!

Our goal was to go to the West Side Market only to find that it was closed! So what did we do? Venture back the next day!

We went back to Nate’s this time we both got Fatoush and hummus to share


The West Side Market is a BIG attraction in Cleveland. It’s not a farmers market but more like a giant grocery store in a warehouse. Produce vendors, butchers, bakers (not candle stick makers) and more come together to sell there stuff. You can get lunch or grocery shop of just come for a walk around!









BLUE potato pancake stuffed with goat cheese, may have been the prettiest food I’ve ever seen

I made away with some good stuff!


Peaches, apricots, sweet mango, dried dates and a fresh loaf of whole wheat bread


These are the BEST DATES EVER, I had about 8 with peanut butter at various times yesterday

THEN (busy Friday) PerMA and I did something we’ve been meaning to do forever, drag our butts to the gym at 6:15 PM (we’re both morning people) to go to Zumba class! I went to barbell strength Friday morning but I thought Zumba may be a nice supplement!

I was so much fun! The teacher definitely put her own flare on it, I plan to get Zumba certified in August so I figured I should start going to classes!


For dinner, Vegan Tempeh Sloppy Joe!! This is SOOO good, I’ll share the recipe soon!


This morning started with my beloved yogurt bowl

Greek yogurt

Raw Oats

Store brand “Life” cereal

Sunflower butter

Raspberry fruit spread


Alright, trying to convince myself to go to spin class. I had to delay my long run until tomorrow due to nasty weather (boo!) I’ve never done a long run on Sunday before, I’m a creature of habit so I hope it goes well!

Oh! I bet your wondering about something… I’m extending my giveaway to tomorrow morning

Since I haven’t posted as much it didn’t seem fair, so go and enter!



Do you like farmers markets? Yes!! Can’t wait to go this summer!

Favorite type of ethnic food?

Favorite Dried Fruit?

Runners! What day do you do your long run on?



Bad Blogger!

I’m so sorry friends, I realize I’m the worst blogger in the world! Truly it’s just been laziness (I believe created by the horrible weather that we’ve been experiencing). So let me break down my last few days for you!

Half Marathon

This past Sunday I ran my first half marathon. it was the Cleveland Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k.

Me and my mom ran it plus my sister came up from school (she’s an hour from home) with a friend of hers and they ran it too! It was a lot of fun to have so many female, runners together, even for just one night!

I got up at 5:30, got dressed and everything together that I hadn’t the night before. I ate a honey roasted PB and banana sandwich on whole wheat toast and we were out of the driveway by 6am!

We had to park about 1/2 a mile away from the start so we got a good warm up in. The start was right outside of Browns Stadium (<3 Peyton Hillis <3) so we got to use the bathrooms in the stadium before instead of port-o-potties.

The first 5 miles were on highways and hills. It was fun to run on the highway but I very stupidly took aleve before the race so for this whole time I thought I was going to vomit. Eventually the feeling passed and the second hour flew by, was great and super fun! Especially going over the huge bridge!


Love the statues =)


During the race I had water and poweraid at every stop plus to 8 ounce bottle of water and one of gatorade I had with me. I also had 2 GU’s, I normally use beans but after this I am switching to GU’s, they just worked better for me!

My time was pretty slow but not horrible.


Monday– 45 VERY EASY elliptical, my quads were on fire, I needed and easy peasy recovery.

Tuesday- 50 min ET, some body weight work. Evening- Total conditioning group class. I went because I LOVE the teacher and PerMa was going, it kicked my butt. I have never done so many jump squats.

Wednesday– 15 min bike intervals, 35 min ET, 30 min core class.

Thursday– CRT (Cardio resistance training) group fitness class. Very fast compound strength moves for an hour so you get a full body and cardio workout.

Food! (best part)


Whole wheat toast with honey roasted PB, raspberry jam and banana


Two poached eggs on sprouted grain sesame toast with lettuce and tomato, baby carrots and everything topped with dijon

*baby carrots and dijon=new best thing EVER*


The other night we made pineapple-tofu stir fry to use veggies up. Green beans, carrots, asparagus, spinach, green pepper, onion, tofu and pineapple all stir-fryed in vegan worcestershire sauce that I found at whole foods, score!!


I had a small portion because I snacked a lot that afternoon

And fun lunchtime snack plates

Romaine with hummus, four slice tofurkey slices, leftover roast cauliflower, two pickles and pineapple chunks.

And the other day I tried my coconut milk “yogurt” for a nighttime snack


Topped with frozen pineapple chunks to make it very tropical. I now love this stuff, too overpriced but so so good!

And for a last note, my grades came out today so I wanted to brag

Total Earned Credits Total Grade Points Term GPA




Course/Section and Title Grade Credits

BIOL*110 01 Human Biology



SOCI*291 01 Contemp Food Movements (WL)



ENGL*195 01 Brit Lit Hist:Lit Landscap(WL



IDST*228 01 MLKjr/Quest Racial Just (IS)



I promise promise promise to get beck to regular blogging, still love you all !!
What are your favorite stir fry ingredients?

Favorite vegetable dip/topping?

Anyone a baseball fan? Be jealous of my Indians =D

Cross Training and Reflections

Today is officially my last full day at school! Definitely bitter-sweet. It has been a ROUGH year but thank goodness it’s ending on a good note.

I spent 3/4 of the year counting calories, avoiding people, going to bed at 8:30 and finishing my homework weeks (or months) before it was due.


I still love my early bedtimes but I’ve realized I on occasion want to stay up late and be with people! What a shocker I know.

Since spring break I have stopped counting calories, stopped weighing myself, broken most of my food rules (I say most because I still won’t eat trans fat or things with an ingredient list longer than my iTunes library), gotten to a healthy weight and made some amazing new friends. While still managing to keep my grades in check and my workouts where I like them, something my ED told me was not possible (well he can shut the F up, just saying)


Another HUGE accomplishment that I had was going out to dinner with one of my new “friends” . I didn’t look at the menu online first, I didn’t insist on leaving food on my plate (although I did but only because I was full) and I didn’t insist on demolishing it all because if I don’t clearly I “still have an eating disorder”.

As for running, I’m not even trying right now. I tried last Friday and it did not work. My half is on Sunday *gulp* so I’m gently cross training all week and will try to get through a couple of miles on Thursday or Friday once I’m home to see if I can. My other options are dropping to the 10K or being the best cheerleader ever for my mom and sister =).

201105101109.jpg(Rough day)

This is why cross training is so important. Not only to prevent injury and boredom but also to keep you fit during an injury. If I didn’t already know about and love cycling and lifting I would have nothing to do at this time.

Benefits of Cross Training

  • Reduces exercise boredom
  • Allows you to be flexible about you training needs and plans (if the pool is closed, you can go for a run instead).
  • Produces a higher level of all around conditioning
  • Conditions the entire body, not just specific muscle groups
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Work some muscles while others rest and recover
  • Can continue to train while injured
  • Improves your skill, agility and balance


I also plan of some good hot yoga classes and a sports massage when I get home! It will be my first one, I’m EXCITED.

Please don’t even ask me what I’ve eaten over the past few days. My fridge currently has cottage cheese, peanut butter, a sweet potato and ketchup in it. I’ve been eating more meals at school so basically it’s been


Hummus sandwiches

Peanut butter in whole wheat tortillas

raw oats and cottage cheese

An Amy’s microwave black bean casserole meal

The first thing I am eating when I get home is a salad the size of my kitchen table201105101119.jpg

Vegetables, please come back to me =(.

I’m almost done packing (without any tears!!) and then off to try to entertain myself for the day!



How do you cross train?

Tell me about finding balance in your life!

How has your year up to this point been?

Does anyone want to mail me some greens? PLEASE?!

Things I’m Going a Week Without

Because I’m bad at rationing my favorite foods but I promised myself I wasn’t going shopping again.


Any fresh fruit besides oranges, apples and bananas ( I can get those at school)

Spinach/ lettuce


baby carrots



and worst of all…


Why oh why must I eat you so quickly??

I have some frozen food still so I’ll use that for veggie supply and of course I can always get food from school (especially hummus, thank goodness). At least I have some sweet potatoes left!

Also I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating frequently! I’ve been super busy trying to get all of my papers done but I’ll be home next week so we’ll chat more frequently then, promise!

So let’s just go for a quick update


Saturday- 45 min Yoga, 30 min power walk, 30 min bike

Sunday- 5 miles tempo run

Monday-2 mile run, 25 min bike, 45 min lift

Tuesday- 65 min bike intervals

Wednesday- .50 run (I’ll explain) 30 min. bike, 45 min lift

Thursday- 65 min bike intervals, 10 min ET

Alright Caitlin, so what’s with the weirdly short runs?

Well my dears I’ve come down with a touch of plantar faciitis =(. Basically fascia is what holds you muscles together and if something is causing it to pull it hurts, a lot. My calves are ridiculously tight so it pulls the fascia in the heel and arch of my feet. The remedy is a bunch of stretching and ice, pretty simple so hopefully I’ll be running again next week!

Some Eats

I need to use pumpkin and yogurt hence, a great amount of pumpkin yogurt


With the rest of PB2, oats and craisins

With Ambrosial Museli

And more random meals


Four egg whites scrambled with salsa, hummus mixed with dijon, baby carrots, pretzels, apple. Can you tell I was rushing?

I also finished the pretzel bag because I need some kind of intervention. I’ve eaten 10 bags in 6 weeks, please don’t judge me.

Must study for bio! I have a date tonight =).



What foods do you struggle without? All of the above, it’s a hard knock life

I’m debating nail color, ideas?

Who wants to take my bio final for me?

Happy May!

Happy May!! The weather here has finally started to look up lately, although it’s been insanely windy!

My weekend in review

Saturday I was going to run but because people are inept something went wrong and the gym wasn’t open I decided to make it an easy day. I did 45 minutes of yoga in my room and took a long power walk ( I can walk in the wind but not run).

My plan actually failed because I ended up going to the gym later for a bike workout because I wanted to and I was bored =).

I also had a GREAT night out on Saturday, although didn’t get in until five in the morning, yikes!! I feel as if that will come to get me later today, good thing I don’t have that much to do!

I’ve gotten really lucky with finals time, because I tend to be perpetually ahead I only have 2 assignments and 1 exam. I plan on being done with my assignments by tomorrow night and my exam is Friday!

Also, some things I’ve eaten





And a review of how I did with my April goals!

1) Do not get Injured: I’ve been having some shin pain recently and this morning woke up and something is off about my hip. I’m not sure what’s going on with me but I am not going to prolong any kind of potential injury.

I actually did pretty well with this! I’ve discovered that my shin pain has come from calve tightness so I’ve been stretching them out a lot more. My IT band has been acting up a little recently but I know how to take care of that… foam roll it baby!

2) Keep up the Yoga: I’ve been doing really well making it to class once a week, I want to keep it up!

Eh, I didn’t do too bad, for sure could have done more. Although I have started just stretching more also so that counts a little bit.

3)Post more workouts: Fairly self explanatory, I want to share more of how I gym with you all!

I posted one… yea that’s a fail.

4) Listen to my body: Way too much mindless late night snacking for not reason has ensued over the past few weeks, I’m want to break the habit like yesterday.

Very unfortunately this was not a big success. I am really starting to buckle down now, especially because school has slowed down so much and is about to end, stress is not an excuse (and never a good one).

5)USE FOOD!!!: The semester is almost over and I could feed the whole campus… help!

Kind of, I still have a good amount of grains and frozen stuff left but I haven’t done too bad. I wasn’t expecting to be able to eat it all. I’m considering taking it all up to the baseball team that lives two floors up, I’m sure they could take care of it for me =).

Overall I’d say about a201105012136.jpg

Maybe a B-

And May Goals!

1) Half Marathon! My half is May 15th. This has obviously been a longer term goal but I would like to finish in about 2:10 and not get hurt!

2) Finish the school year on a good note It has been a LONG, ROUGH year. I’m finally making friends, going out and feeling happy. I only have 9 days left, I want them to count.

3) Volunteer I don’t start my real summer job until mid-june so I would love to volunteer during May.

4) Get in touch with old friends while we’re all home for the summer!

5) RECIPES! This will be a lot easier once I’m home and have a real kitchen!

Alright loveys, I ran this afternoon and haven’t showered yet (hi, I’m gross) so I’ll be off to do that and work on one of my take home finals!



What are your May goals?

If your in school, how are finals going? How are you handling the stress? I know most people are actually stressed, I’m just really lucky.



I’m Home!! Not that great of a surprise but fun for me! I got in yesterday to get some family time for Easter! I don’t actually have time off school so it’s a whirlwind trip but still so nice!

For the past few days I’ve been rockin’ some new clothes


Forever 21 floral strapless dress

And some not so new food



Airport find, not bad at all!

This is why I have the greatest Mom in the world, I found these in my room




Yesterday, because I got back kind of late for a belated birthday celebration we went out to one of our favorite places, Tommy’s!


This place is amazing, they are a combo of some of the best vegan/vegetarian food around but if you want you can also get a cheeseburger and they are known for having the best milkshakes in Cleveland (which you can also get vegan!)


Plus they have an amazingly, extensive list of salads!

PerMa and I split the Marina salad (spinach, celery, carrots, cheese, hummus and baba)


I also got an unpictured tempeh salad sandwich (tempeh, vegan mayo, pickles and celery) on a wheat pita with tomatoes.

And for the way better surprise


I ran a race this morning!! Recap later today!



Are you visiting family for Easter or Passover?

Do you post operation beautiful notes?

Don’t be a Drag


Just be a queen =).

So, I’ve mentioned before that my school is tiny and full of hippies. So what happens on my Saturday night at this kind of school? Drag show in the science center baby.

I was a bad blogger and forgot my camera =(. I have some pics on my phone but they’re really crappy (and may scare the children).

The main point I wanted to make was that I was incredibly surprised by what I got out of the show (besides endless amazing entertainment). I walked away incredibly inspired.

I used to always live by the phrase “I do me”. I still believe that but I haven’t been showing it as much lately. I’ve been having a hard time balancing breaking back into college life for my recovery and living the healthy life I still want to mainly because I am afraid of judgement.

However, watching these phenomenal ladies, I have never seen better examples of people just “doing them”.

So last night and this morning I did both sides of me by getting al dressed up (heels and all) and dancing all night with some new girlfriends. I then got up at 9 this morning to take a long walk and buy spinach, sprouted grain bread and peanut butter =).


Have you ever had this kind of PB? It’s not my fave but I do love it! The price tag makes me nauseous so I only get it once in a while. There has already been serious damage done.


For the past few days I’ve just been really snacky. Including putting peanut butter and honey on everything I can find.


Sesame toast cuc with dijon and strawberries

I did manage some greenage for dinner (I need more in my life)


Spinach, mango, hummus, tofu, broc and carrots. Sprouted grain muffin with smart balance and blueberry preserves.

Off to paint my nails, wash my hair (wow) and do a bio project!



What has inspired you lately?

Any recent food addictions? Yes, I’ve always love PB and honey but I fear it is getting somewhat out of hand