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Failed Thursday, Fun Friday!

Happy weekend all! I hope you all had a fantastic Friday to start off your weekend, I sure did! For the past 2 days I’ve been hanging out with someone you haven’t heard much about,


PapaPerm! On Thursday we went to downtown Cleveland to lunch at a place I’ve never been put PapaPerm swore it had the best middle eastern food in Cleveland. I must say, I believe him to be right!

It was called Nate’s and has been a little hole in the wall dinner for 25 years and is still jam packed everyday!


West 25th street is known for ethnic food, Cambodia, Turkish, Lebanese for just a few


Hummus Tabouleh pita rolled for me


Fatoush salad for him. Everything was delicious!

Our goal was to go to the West Side Market only to find that it was closed! So what did we do? Venture back the next day!

We went back to Nate’s this time we both got Fatoush and hummus to share


The West Side Market is a BIG attraction in Cleveland. It’s not a farmers market but more like a giant grocery store in a warehouse. Produce vendors, butchers, bakers (not candle stick makers) and more come together to sell there stuff. You can get lunch or grocery shop of just come for a walk around!









BLUE potato pancake stuffed with goat cheese, may have been the prettiest food I’ve ever seen

I made away with some good stuff!


Peaches, apricots, sweet mango, dried dates and a fresh loaf of whole wheat bread


These are the BEST DATES EVER, I had about 8 with peanut butter at various times yesterday

THEN (busy Friday) PerMA and I did something we’ve been meaning to do forever, drag our butts to the gym at 6:15 PM (we’re both morning people) to go to Zumba class! I went to barbell strength Friday morning but I thought Zumba may be a nice supplement!

I was so much fun! The teacher definitely put her own flare on it, I plan to get Zumba certified in August so I figured I should start going to classes!


For dinner, Vegan Tempeh Sloppy Joe!! This is SOOO good, I’ll share the recipe soon!


This morning started with my beloved yogurt bowl

Greek yogurt

Raw Oats

Store brand “Life” cereal

Sunflower butter

Raspberry fruit spread


Alright, trying to convince myself to go to spin class. I had to delay my long run until tomorrow due to nasty weather (boo!) I’ve never done a long run on Sunday before, I’m a creature of habit so I hope it goes well!

Oh! I bet your wondering about something… I’m extending my giveaway to tomorrow morning

Since I haven’t posted as much it didn’t seem fair, so go and enter!



Do you like farmers markets? Yes!! Can’t wait to go this summer!

Favorite type of ethnic food?

Favorite Dried Fruit?

Runners! What day do you do your long run on?



Let’s Include Everyone

Hey hey hey! Have we all (I’m sure we have) seen the pyramid replacement?201106041329.jpg

A lot of bloggers have been discussing this new system so I thought I’d get in on the fun! First off, I’d just like to say that I adore Michelle Obama and I think her Let’s Move initiative is one of the best things currently happening in the country.

My first reaction to the food plate instead of the pyramid is that I really like it. The vast majority of Americans are not counting how many portions of each food group they are having each day or even know what a real serving size is. This is much simple and WAY more accessible so for that I say way to go!


There has on the other hand been some controversy about this image that was released in regards to the plate 201106041336.jpg

Obviously, many health and nutrition enthusiasts would neither eat nor initially approve of this meal. Would I chose out of my free will to eat this? Probably not. Definitely not the salmon (?) probably not the milk and I would never prepare this meal for myself or anyone else. So prepared to be shocked and amazed when I say that I in fact approve of the government putting this image out and I think it’s exactly what people needed to see. 201106041339.jpg

Calm down. I’ll explain.

You and I friends, are very lucky. No, I don’t know you personally but I assume you write a health blog or are interested in a healthy lifestyle. We are lucky to be able to afford good, fresh, healthy food. I am not going to get into what is worth investing money in, what food stamps can get you etc. my problem goes beyond those things.

The reason we are so lucky is because we are within a very reasonable difference of minimum one of these 201106041341.jpg





You get my point.

Not everyone is so lucky. Food deserts are a huge problem in the United States. In 2009 the USDA conducted a study on areas known as food deserts.

-2.3 million (2.2%) of all U.S. households live more than a mile from a supermarket and do not have access to a vehicle

-3.4 million (3.2%) of all U.S. households live between .5 to a mile and do not have access to a vehicle

-4.4% of households in rural areas live more than 1 mile from the supermarket AND do not have access to a vehicle.

-22% – Percent of households in low income urban areas living 1/2 to 1 mile from a supermarket with no access to a vehicle.

-2001 survey found that nearly 6 percent of U.S. households did not always have food due to access related problems.

The issue mainly effects low socio-economic urban and rural areas. This is not an issue of money, this is an issue of not having the time or energy to take a 3 hour round-trip bus ride to the closest real grocery store with your two children after working two jobs. That is the real scenario that many people would have to go to if they were to want to spend the few food stamps they have on fresh fruit and vegetables.


All of the pink areas are food deserts, that is horrifying.


*Climbing off of my soapbox*

Back to why I like the plate. All of those things are available to the vast majority of people. Most corner and drug stores have canned fruits and veggies, whole wheat bread, milk and some kind of protein available. People with access to other stores will understand that the government is not recommending canned green beans over fresh, they are simply trying to show that EVERYONE can have a somewhat decent meal. That you can picked canned veggies over Twinkies at the corner store. Which is an improvement X100000.



What do you think of the new system?

I’d love feedback in general!

What I… Wednesday

Hello again my loves! I’m getting back into the blogging grove and to celebrate I though I would jump on the

What I Wednesday train!

What I ate


Oats in almost empty nut butter jar! 1/2 cup oatmeal, a whole apple sliced, cinnamon and truvia with a ton of naturally more left at the bottom!

I knew exactly what I wanted for lunch, so after shopping and galavanting and such I finally got it!

Almond butter and blueberry preserves sandwich, carrot and cuc with dijon


Soy milk martini for extra protein


I also threw some dill on my veg because fun fact about me, it’s my favorite seasoning! Apart from cinnamon =P


For dinner I whipped out this (it was actually delicious and tasted like pesto) I jazzed it up with cucumber and chickpeas with steamed green beans on the side.


I forgot to take a picture of my plate so here are the lovely leftovers =).

I also had a small bowl of blueberries and greek yogurt for dessert!

What I Worked

Because my hill run killed me yesterday and I don’t normally run two days in a row I wasn’t planning on it but I had to celebrate national running day! So I did an easy 1.5 miles on the treadmill while waiting for barbell strength to start. I the strengthend with a barbell for an hour!

I normally love the class but it was a teacher I’ve never been to and she left so much downtime between tracks it drove me insane!!

What I did

I have been on a mad hunt for the love of my life’s new perfume


I’m almost 20 and have MAD Bieber fever, let’s get over it.

This took me to the mall where I discovered that a Forever 21 was put in whilst I was at school, I jumped for joy and cried for my debit card.



Hello lover



And the comfiest shorts ever that were less than $5!! WINNING


Rocked with my fave T. I got PerMa and I matching ones for her birthday =D.

And Finally I stopped at the library


two parts brain, one part body


One part silly obsession!

I’ve already started new rules of lifting, I really like it, hopefully look for a review!

I now must watch my other loves dominate the Blue Jay’s!

201106012113.jpg \

So sorry to any Canadian readers!



What are qualities you look for in group fitness?

Name some teenie-bopper obsessions you have!

What have you read lately?

Best thing you ate today?

Shopping Addict

The first thing I always do when I get home (besides hug my bed) is go shopping!

Yesterday I hit up Trader Joe’s and finally today I got to my beloved Whole Foods and Target!

Some of my wonderful goodies




Did I tell you guys I’ve given up cow’s milk? I’ve had it one time in about two weeks (today actaually, I forgot to ask for soy milk when I went to starbucks after yoga)


I’m thinking it should be like naturally more? Anyone know?


Whole wheat graham crackers!! I nearly cried.



I am a big fan of those chocolate bars!


And a pretty decent size for 100 calories!

Whole Foods


Some things I have been excited to try for a while!


I was way too excited about the bulk products. Medjool dates (YUM YUM YUM) raw cashews to make my own cashew butter, buckwheat so I can make breakfast bakes and nooch. Plus fresh ground honey roasted PB.

I had some of the PB and dates for a snack, it was to die for.

And some other random fun things






And I won’t bore you with everything I got at Target but it was a lot of workout clothes.



And a pretty sweet new watch

Today PerMa and I went to a power vinyasa class for a pre-race day workout. I’m not sure it was the best idea because my quads and butt were already KILLING from barbell strength yesterday but I guess I’ll just power through tomorrow?? Yikes…

We then went to pick up our race packets, the race shirts are really neat!


I love my city! =D

I’ve pinned my number on for my first half tomorrow!!



We had a standard pre-race dinner. Whole wheat spaghetti with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, garlic and canned tomatoes sauteed in EVOO. With a little piece of garlic bread.

Need to get some sleep, see you tomorrow post-race!



What’s your favorite grocery store or store in general?

So Much!

I couldn’t think of another title just because I have so much to tell you all! I’ve decided to break it into categories to make it easier on all of us =).


I made it home from school safe and sound, unfortunately I cannot say the same for my camera. Don’t worry, it’s safe and sound, just in storage in the basement of my dorm instead of in Cleveland (oops). At first I just panicked but then I remembered PerMa has a camera too, yay! 201105131317.jpg


Is non-existent! Funny story, it was actually never existent. I tried to run yesterday and immediately my feet were screaming. I was incredibly sad and worried but luckily there was a spin class about to start to I headed over there. Oddly my feet kept hurting throughout spin and then my ankles hurt too. I suddenly knew what was wrong. I stopped my bike, untied my shoes and re-tied them looser. The pain instantly went away. My shoes were tied too tight. The whole time. Wow Caitlin.

The newspaper decided to get in on the joke this morning by publishing some race tipsCIMG0281.JPG

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Being Home and Food!

I love being home for many reasons

My gym


My gym =). I went to spin yesterday and ran a mile in total. Today I ran 2.5 miles and went to barbell strength.


My TV! And re-runs of Real Housewives of New Jersey =)


A REAL, stocked, kitchen! Which I cleaned right after I took this.


And good food! Whole wheat TJ’s tortilla with tofurkey, dijon, lettuce and pickles.


baby carrots with dijon and frozen pineapple.

I had a wonderful trip to Trader Joe’s this morning but this is already long so I’ll report the goods back tonight!



Who has a race coming up? I am SO SO SO happy I can run the half on Sunday!!

What’s your favorite thing about being home?

What’s your favorite Trader Joe’s goody?

Last round groceries?

I’ll just start with saying I’m a bad blogger and forgot to take a picture of my lunch =(. It’s too bad because it was kind of funny! I packed cheese and veggie scrambled eggs (they do not travel great), sweet potato chips and mango chunks.

I’m ok with having oats twice a day. I made a mini breakfast cookie dough bowl for a snack today. Plus a million other spoons of nut butter.DSCI0001.JPG

Star of the dinner show!

Baked sweet potato with coconut butter, raisins and dried cranberries… o heavenly yumtasitc. And my room smells like baked sweet potato… winning.

Plus a vegan chik’n pattie and steamed broc topped with dijon and ketchup.

Alright, I know I’m supposed to be using up food, but I do still have a month and there are a few things that I thought it was reasonable to get for that coming month.

After dinner I took advantage of my schools “Wednesday night errand” shuttle and went to Wal Mart. Normally I walk to stores on the weekend but the one’s within walking distance have very limited options.

This won’t actually be my LAST grocery trip, I’ll still need fresh veggies but I think it will probably be my last Wal Mart trip.


Pitas for pre-workout (or deliciousness) and flat outs. Aren’t flat outs the BEST!? 90 calories per wrap?? Perfect excuse to use 5 tablespoons of peanut butter!


Butter toffee almonds, nut/seed butters, fruit spread, mac and cheese and veggie burgers


I hope they mean a family of one


cereal, pineapple, cottage cheese and yogurt, clif for pre long run, english muffins and orange almond dark chocolate

I also bought whole wheat toaster waffles and tofu but they escaped the pictures.

Plus handy wipes! Has anyone else noticed a theme with bloggers of either having top notch personal hygiene or none at all? Well, I wouldn’t say I have NONE but I am really bad about washing my face at night. I do in the shower after the gym in the morning but I always go to bed with makeup on, hopefully these will be an easy motivation!

Currently in bed munching PB toast and dark chocolate and about to go read your wonderful blogs, love this! night!



What did you get on your last big grocery trip?

Personal hygiene? How do you do? Better than most college students actually. I do shower daily… washing my hair is a whole other story. But my dorm room is spick and span!