Food Philosophy

I consider myself a lacto-ovo vegetarian with a large understanding and belief in vegan values. This means that I do not eat meat or seafood but I do eat dairy and eggs. I do try to make one meal or a few of my snacks vegan everyday. The main reason for me not being a full vegan is honestly the protein. I know that there are MANY arguments against this but it really is my belief that for my activity level, especially because I love strength training, I would not be able to get enough protein without relying too heavily on supplements (which I already use often). The reason for my vegetarianism is moral. I do not approve of preachy vegetarians but when asked I am not afraid to share my opinion.
In addition to this I do make an effort to eat and clean and whole as possible. I absolutely have many exceptions to this. I am a college student which is limiting in supplies and time so often bars (the eating kind) come into play not to mention kraft singles are my absolute weakness =). For me clean, whole eating is all about most of the time, making the choice when it’s presented to you and not worrying too much about it! I do eat “boxed” food but I try to make sure it has a somewhat short and wholesome ingredient  list. I don’t really have a problem with added protein or fiber, in fact I’m a fan of added protein.  I do not avoid sugar by any means but I also try not to add it that much.  The one ingredient that I do tend to completely avoid  is partially hydrogenated oil aka trans fats.
Part of my struggles have been thinking way too much about food choices and making sure everything is constantly in balance. I’ve realized that if I have what I crave it will normally be something wholesome and things will balance naturally.
In short I believe food should be delicious, beautiful, savored, amazing, fun, fuel for your body! Eat slow, eat colorfully, eat to live.

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