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Long Run and a Winner!

Happy Sunday everyone! How’s the weather in everyones neck of the woods? It was supposed to be sunny and 70 here today but its cloudy, windy and 60 boo!!

At least I could still run!


Very slowly but 13 miles none the less! I have a BIG issue with starting too fast. I am really bad at pacing myself as well as holding a pace. I bounce between 8:30 min/mile and 10:40 during almost all of my runs, not helpful.

Part of it was actually really exciting! I took my normal path but instead of looping where I normally do I kept running. I know the area from driving but have never run it. I ended up on a muddy path leaping over roots and branches ( I felt super bad-ass) plus it was downhill for almost a mile so I was FLYING! The only bad thing? It really pooped me out and then I had to go uphill on the return… no fun, no fun. Plus I ended up in a not so great part of town, unhappy moment. But at least it was an adventure!

I woke up extra early for this run because PerMa asked me to come to her church with her for the last sermon of the season. It was actually really nice and it was the flower sermon so we came home with some lovely decorations


Post- run and pre-church I of course had breakfast! Overnight oats are so great for after a long run because right after, I’m starving, thirsty and I don’t want to think or move.


Peanut Butter Thin Mint OIAJ

1/3 cup raw oats

1 scoop chocolate whey protein

1 stevia packet

enough water to cover

the rest of the PB

Let sit over night

In the morning

1/2 banana

Frozen mixed berries



And what some of you have been waiting for…

Enter a lower limit:
Enter an upper limit:

Random Number:

A winner!!

The White Chocolate Peanut Butter sounds amazing, I would love to try that.

Devon from Running to Balance!!

Congratulations beautiful girl! E-mail me your mailing info ( and I’ll ship your goodies out ASAP!

Alright my lovies, I must eat and stretch, have a relaxing Sunday!



Tell me about an adventure you’ve had recently!

What’s your favorite post workout meal/snack?


Shopping, Gardening and Yogurt

Hello all!! My has it been forever?! I’ve been somewhat busy, my older sister has been home for a total of 5 days in the past 2 weeks before she goes away for the whole summer so I’ve been spending my time catching up with her! We spent some quality shopping time together


The car that we share


She always like to drive =)


We ended up at the best place in the world… TARGET!! Our main goal was shoes


I made away with some boat shoes. Uggo picture but I promise they are cute!

She’s leaving super early tomorrow morning so we had a fun goodbye dinner tonight.



Delicious fluffy bread ( I had two)


All three of us got different salads! Big sis got the falafel (she’s stubborn about her food posing for pictures =P)


PerMa got the Spinach


And your one and only fave permanent blogger got the fatoush! Lettuce, cucs, green pepper, tomato, pickled turnips, and pita chips. It doesn’t look like much but the bowl was deep and it was FILLING, I didn’t even finish it. But that’s ok, I needed room for dessert!!




Menchie’s Frozen yogurt JUST opened near us, of course we had to try it!


Mine on the left, blueberry yogurt with mango and graham crackers and PerMa’s on the right, chocolate with graham crackers and peanut butter sauce. Again with the stubborn sis but she got mango sorbet topped with blueberries and raspberries (she’s vegan).

Annnnnnd in some other news. I have been running.

10 miles saturday, 4 miles with 2 miles of hills today plus body weight exercises.

Cross training, power yoga on Sunday and total conditioning group fitness on Monday.

And gardening.



In my running clothes… after my 10 miler, I then took a nap.


But PerMa did a BEAUTIFUL job!


And eating lots of oats in a jar




Oh, I was also sick one day



So cinnamon and I hung out


And watched three twilight movies in a row. I must have Taylor Lautner, I will have him, mark my words.

I think that’s a long enough post for you all! I’ll try to catch you up on everything over the next few days, be back tomorrow with June goals and a may review/telling you how I failed =)



Do you have siblings? Do you like to hang out with them?

What did you do over memorial day? Yard work? Pool?

Twilight, yes or no?


I can act like a real college student.

Sometimes it’s alright to take a nap after dinner in order to make it to the party that starts at 11pm (what is wrong with the world?)

It’s ok to stay up until 4 if you’re having a great time and sleep until 10:30 (however be prepared to wake up completely starving)


Enter breakfast cookie dough bowl made with oats, vanilla protein powder, vanilla almond granola, sunflower and almond butter, skim milk and a banana.

I should eventually start my day though =)



What kind of “unlike you” behavior have you experience recently?

Could it be?

Is it FINALLY coming?201104061052.jpg

I don’t know, what I DO know it I walked to the gym only in these clothes this morning instead of giant sweats!! DSCI0005.JPGThis morning I ran 2 miles in just under 18 minutes when my shin stared talkin’ sh** to me. Again, I hate risking things on short runs so very sadly I hopped off the treadmill and onto the ET.

When I started a reverse interval on the ET my shin felt like it was going to break it half… I think THAT is what caused it!! My cross training is HURTING my running instead of helping… clearly no more reverse intervals for me!!

I also got on the bike so in total I did about 35 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of full body weights.

O SO DELICIOUS breakfast! Overnight pumpkin oats!


The rest of my yogurt, water, pumpkin, 1/3 cup oats, chocolate whey protein, stevia and pumpkin pie spice


This morning topped with banana, cinnamon raising granola crumbles (gettin to the bottom of the bag) and sunflower butter. I’m almost out =(, do we think it’s too late in the year to get another jar?

The texture of these was different because I actually had a good amount of yogurt left. Still delicious I just couldn’t detect the doughiness of the oats as much.

Happy hump day everyone!



What is your favorite cross training?

Should I buy more sunflower butter, yay or nay?




This is how I went to bed… and woke up. It’s a good feeling. O, why you ask? This from the Washington Post sums it up!

Sweet Revenge: Cavaliers take down LeBron James, Miami Heat 102-90

CLEVELAND — In an unbearable season of losses, Cleveland got the win it wanted most.

The Cavaliers took down LeBron James.

Clearly it’s learn things about Caitlin week so here’s another thing about me.. I LOVE sports. I am a die hard Cleveland sports fan, The Indians, The Browns and THE CAVS! Which means seeing this “person” Turns me into this x100000000

Thus I am happy! Too happy, I actually cried with happiness last night, that’s how much I love my city and my teams and I am not ashamed.

Two other things making me happy things morning


Running my best 5 mile time EVER outside on a weekday morning

Followed by 25 minutes of lifting


And chocolate overnight chia pudding oats in almost empty nut butter jar!

Last night:Oats, skim milk, chia seeds, stevia and chocolate protein powder= A texture like mousse/pudding


This morning, simply an entire banana and cinnamon, tasted like a banana Resse’s cup!

I’m predicting a good hump day!



Do you watch professional sports? If you’re a Heat fan… sorry I’m not sorry

>Bad Blogger Update


I’m so sorry I’ve left you guys hanging for the past few posts! I had an emotional and tired day yesterday and just had to pick some things to not do. I do love you all very much and it won’t happen again!

Here’s what my life has looked like

A long power walk yesterday morning that ended at walgreens and sale on nuts and dried fruit= dream come true


I also got another bag of cherries


Salad with vegan burger, spinach and tomatoes topped with dijon. A brown rice wrap with avocado and chili-lime white bean dip for lunch yesterday.


Burt’s Bees new tinted lip balm… great color and texture, love it!


Post yoga class breakfast for dinner. French toast made with torn up pita and coconut extract mixed with the eggs (so good!) Topped with almond butter and fruit spread, frozen peaches and strawberries on the side.


A few to many of these amazing new cookie find for dessert. Organic dark chocolate oreos, crack ... heaven


Throwing away an entire newly open chobani tub that said it expired April 7… clearly a lie, just rude.

a 3 mile run and 30 minutes of lifting followed by


Last night: oats, lemon tea, vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, two scoops yogurt ( I had another tub)


Topped with strawberries

In my almost gone MaraNatha almond butter jar =(.

These were amazing, I highly recommend making oats with tea for flavoring! For hot oats just put the tea bag in while cooking them, for overnight use the tea as your liquid or part of your liquid.

whew that was long! I will give you a project new nutrition update tonight!



Tell me about your Sunday!

What’s your favorite way to flavor oats?

>How to Not Start Your Week


Realize you forgot to take your birth control all weekend because you are experiencing an unexpected visit from a certain aunt.

Experience a potential new running injury. 2.25 miles into my 3 mile run my left shin was screaming. I think it’s the transition form sand to pavement, Don’t worry, foam roll action had already ensued.


Fart out loud while lifting weights in front of the cute weight room attendant… it happened, I’m trying to let it go.

Come back to your room to this  



Forgot I put that in the freezer yesterday…

How TO start your week

Take Heather’s advice and put chia seed in your overnight oats


Last night mixed oats, chias, cherry extract, stevia, chocolate protein powder and stevia


This morning topped with a banana, salty cashews, more milk and salt<– key to deliciousness! Cinnamon was of course added too.

These may have been the greatest overnight oats ever, I might have a hard time going back to the yogurt variety.



How were the first few hours of your week?