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First Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday all! I’ll be back this evening with a WIAW/ update but for now I have a present for you all!

Alright, that’s a lie, I have a present for one of you though!

I love this blog, and I love everyone who has ever read it. To be honest I don’t get a lot of comments but I know that people are reading it ( I can check on you, sneaky sneaky). Since January we have been through some times together.

Bio tests, moving dorms, spring break, late work nights, countless runs and workouts, ED recovery, illness, great days, horrible days, new friends, dates, and on and on.

Soooo to show my appreciation for you guys sticking with me for 6 months, I am having my first giveaway!

Caitlin’s Favorite Things Giveaway!


Just a few of my favorite things!


My favorite

PB (White chocolate wonderful)

Granola (Mountain Blueberry Flax)



Larabar Flavors

Regular- Cherry Pie, Cashew Cookie and Peanut Butter Cookie

Mini- Cherry Pie, Cashew Cookie, Apple Pie


Dark Chocolate!

Whole foods with mint crisps

Chocolove with crystallized ginger <– THIS IS SOOO AMAZING

Did you all think I would leave out PRETZELS?! We should hang out more


I will also bake you a batch of these!


From Vegan Cookies Invade you Cookie Jar (So yes they are vegan)

So how do you enter?

1) Leave me a comment telling me YOUR favorite type of one of the things above

2) Tell me your favorite summer time activity!

3) Tweet about this giveaway “@Caitlintpl is giving away all of her favorite things!” or something to that nature

4) Follow me on FACEBOOK! Brand new page!


I’ll pick a random winner the morning of Saturday June 11





Happy May!

Happy May!! The weather here has finally started to look up lately, although it’s been insanely windy!

My weekend in review

Saturday I was going to run but because people are inept something went wrong and the gym wasn’t open I decided to make it an easy day. I did 45 minutes of yoga in my room and took a long power walk ( I can walk in the wind but not run).

My plan actually failed because I ended up going to the gym later for a bike workout because I wanted to and I was bored =).

I also had a GREAT night out on Saturday, although didn’t get in until five in the morning, yikes!! I feel as if that will come to get me later today, good thing I don’t have that much to do!

I’ve gotten really lucky with finals time, because I tend to be perpetually ahead I only have 2 assignments and 1 exam. I plan on being done with my assignments by tomorrow night and my exam is Friday!

Also, some things I’ve eaten





And a review of how I did with my April goals!

1) Do not get Injured: I’ve been having some shin pain recently and this morning woke up and something is off about my hip. I’m not sure what’s going on with me but I am not going to prolong any kind of potential injury.

I actually did pretty well with this! I’ve discovered that my shin pain has come from calve tightness so I’ve been stretching them out a lot more. My IT band has been acting up a little recently but I know how to take care of that… foam roll it baby!

2) Keep up the Yoga: I’ve been doing really well making it to class once a week, I want to keep it up!

Eh, I didn’t do too bad, for sure could have done more. Although I have started just stretching more also so that counts a little bit.

3)Post more workouts: Fairly self explanatory, I want to share more of how I gym with you all!

I posted one… yea that’s a fail.

4) Listen to my body: Way too much mindless late night snacking for not reason has ensued over the past few weeks, I’m want to break the habit like yesterday.

Very unfortunately this was not a big success. I am really starting to buckle down now, especially because school has slowed down so much and is about to end, stress is not an excuse (and never a good one).

5)USE FOOD!!!: The semester is almost over and I could feed the whole campus… help!

Kind of, I still have a good amount of grains and frozen stuff left but I haven’t done too bad. I wasn’t expecting to be able to eat it all. I’m considering taking it all up to the baseball team that lives two floors up, I’m sure they could take care of it for me =).

Overall I’d say about a201105012136.jpg

Maybe a B-

And May Goals!

1) Half Marathon! My half is May 15th. This has obviously been a longer term goal but I would like to finish in about 2:10 and not get hurt!

2) Finish the school year on a good note It has been a LONG, ROUGH year. I’m finally making friends, going out and feeling happy. I only have 9 days left, I want them to count.

3) Volunteer I don’t start my real summer job until mid-june so I would love to volunteer during May.

4) Get in touch with old friends while we’re all home for the summer!

5) RECIPES! This will be a lot easier once I’m home and have a real kitchen!

Alright loveys, I ran this afternoon and haven’t showered yet (hi, I’m gross) so I’ll be off to do that and work on one of my take home finals!



What are your May goals?

If your in school, how are finals going? How are you handling the stress? I know most people are actually stressed, I’m just really lucky.

Watch Your Language

Previous Recovery Help

Ditch the Scale

Stop Calorie Counting

Separation is Key

Reach Out

Tip #4- Watch your language

In case you are reading this book, this is not something she addresses directly however I’ve developed the idea from different concepts in the book.

I have learned many things through struggles with my ed and even more through recovery. One thing that I realized walking through the airport this weekend is that you never know someone’s story and therefor in any situation you must watch what you say.


Now, I may see an extremely thin girl and my first thought is I want to help her overcome her eating issues. However she could be thin for any number of reasons. Likewise, someone you know may have gained a good amount of weight and your first thought may be that they should hit the treadmill, but what if they went on medication that causes weight gain? Or what if they are in recovery from an ED and did it on purpose? You just never know.

This brings me to watching what you say. I am coming to realize that you should not compliment people on their body changes unless you know the motivation behind it. If you know a friend is trying to lose weight for health reasons it is alright to encourage them.

If someone you are acquainted with starts to lose weight you cannot know if it’s for health reasons or of they are relapsing to starvation. Similarly if someone gains weight, even if they look better and more muscular it may have come in an unhealthy way they are not happy about.

Uneducated body image comments can be triggering to anyone. All in all, it is better to not even acknowledge a change in body.

If you want to show your peeps some love try these on for size (no pun intended)


No…. not a good example Caitlin

Are you hanging out this weekend? I always have the best time with you!

Can I please steal your smile? it is the best!

Don’t be surprised if you wake up and those shoes are gone from your closet, you need to give me some style tips!



What’s the best compliment you’ve ever given/relieved?

Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day even if you don’t celebrate the holiday! For my family, Easter isn’t so much religious as it is a time to get together and enjoy company with family who we don’t get to see nearly enough!


Me, PerMa and my sister!


Who loves coffee… a lot


My uncle (who is the greatest cook ever, don’t doubt it) and his wife came from New Jersey to make an announcement to everyone…


Can you tell what it is? =)


Grandparents in from the west side of Cleveburg.

My uncle made most of the brunch but there were some other contributers as well. I’m polish on my mom’s side and my uncle’s wife is from Poland so we had traditional Polish Easter soup (made with white beets and oats) and vegan sauerkraut and kielbasa. Along with scrambled eggs, potatos and peppers, whole wheat waffles and fruit salad. I had seconds of sauerkraut and waffles and fruit salad X1000000.


For dessert vegan oatmeal fruit bars (I had 1/2 of each kind)


And waaaaaaay too many pieces of delicious Polish nut roll


It’s nice but a little strange to end the weekend on a holiday! I’ve had a very long say as all of those pictures were taken this afternoon at home and I am blogging from my bed at school!

Have a great Monday!



What’s your favorite Holiday?

What do you do when you eat too much sugar? I have been chugging water all day and have all kinds of whole foods and veggies planned for tomorrow!

Very Special Day


Someone’s birthday is today! Don’t get too excited, it’s not mine (believe me you would have known WAY in advance)

It’s someone even better than me….

Any guesses? No?


It’s PerMa’s!!

Here are some fun facts about this amazing lady

-She has completed six half marathons and one marathon

-She recently became certified to be a personal trainer

-She loves to travel (I feel very lucky for this) we have been to Paris, Southern France, Spain twice, London, Mexico, Tobago, Puerto Rico along with many places in the US. Above, we were hiking in a national forest in Yellow Springs, OH


Hot air ballooning in Arizona 2006


Paris June 2004 (I’m not happy about this but she loves this photo =P)


Jon Stewart’s rally to resort sanity, DC October 2010 (That’s my wonderful big sister by the way!)


Barbados 2005 (My hair used to be dumb long)

-She is a more crazed sports fan than I am, that’s where I get it from


Indians game summer 2010

She is the number one reason I feel that I have made it so far in ED recovery

Clearly, just the best mom in the world! So Happy Birthday PerMa! Love you!

I’ll show you guys what I got her later, she doesn’t have it yet so I don’t want to ruin the surprise!



Don’t be a Drag


Just be a queen =).

So, I’ve mentioned before that my school is tiny and full of hippies. So what happens on my Saturday night at this kind of school? Drag show in the science center baby.

I was a bad blogger and forgot my camera =(. I have some pics on my phone but they’re really crappy (and may scare the children).

The main point I wanted to make was that I was incredibly surprised by what I got out of the show (besides endless amazing entertainment). I walked away incredibly inspired.

I used to always live by the phrase “I do me”. I still believe that but I haven’t been showing it as much lately. I’ve been having a hard time balancing breaking back into college life for my recovery and living the healthy life I still want to mainly because I am afraid of judgement.

However, watching these phenomenal ladies, I have never seen better examples of people just “doing them”.

So last night and this morning I did both sides of me by getting al dressed up (heels and all) and dancing all night with some new girlfriends. I then got up at 9 this morning to take a long walk and buy spinach, sprouted grain bread and peanut butter =).


Have you ever had this kind of PB? It’s not my fave but I do love it! The price tag makes me nauseous so I only get it once in a while. There has already been serious damage done.


For the past few days I’ve just been really snacky. Including putting peanut butter and honey on everything I can find.


Sesame toast cuc with dijon and strawberries

I did manage some greenage for dinner (I need more in my life)


Spinach, mango, hummus, tofu, broc and carrots. Sprouted grain muffin with smart balance and blueberry preserves.

Off to paint my nails, wash my hair (wow) and do a bio project!



What has inspired you lately?

Any recent food addictions? Yes, I’ve always love PB and honey but I fear it is getting somewhat out of hand


Here’s something I don’t believe I’ve shared with you all

Photo 79.jpg

I have a tattoo. I got it for my eighteenth birthday with my two best friends from high school (Hi Ma’ayan and Maya!!). We didn’t get matching tattoos but I was still a really nice thing, I was the last to turn 18 so they waited for me and my birthday is at the end of July so is was right before we all left for college.

I had wanted to dove holding an olive branch for a long time so I could have a constant reminder of the importance of peace and justice on my person.

Recently I’ve been thinking about getting another one for my twentieth birthday this summer, or maybe right after I finish the Chicago marathon.

I was thinking of getting my favorite quote “We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time”– T.S. Elliot The Four Quartets


Lunch came very soon after breakfast in the form of a veggie burger in whole wheat pita with cheese and salsa and a salad with superfruit vinaigrette


I promise this is the last night. The good news is I actually wanted other food more but I really just needed to get rid of the pumpkin. Pumpkin yogurt with quaker square, wheat chex, butter crunch cashew crumbs, PB and dried cranberries





Do you have any tattoos? What’s your take on them?

How about piercings?

OK, seriously people who is going to come help me eat all of the food I have left?