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Starvin’ Marvin

Hello beautiful people! This morning I was flipping through a Christmas present that PerMa got me


If you are an intense athlete or just like to workout a ton, I highly recommend this book, it has AMAZING information.

In the section on ED’s she discusses the Minnesota (Semi)-Starvation Experiment.

Starvation can mean different things to different people in a mental and an ethical way. This experiment was designed to show the psychological and physical effects on people who were on an extremely restricted calorie diet for an extended period of time.

Obviously there would be controversy as to if someone has access to food they are not actually starving which is why I prefer the title of semi-starvation experiment.

This study was performed on 36 men in 3 sections

“The study was divided into three phases: A twelve-week control phase, where physiological and psychological observations were collected to establish a baseline for each subject; a 24-week starvation phase, during which the caloric intake of each subject was drastically reduced—causing each participant to lose an average of 25% of their pre-starvation body weight; and finally a recovery phase, in which various rehabilitative diets were tried to re-nourish the volunteers.”


During the recovery phase most men gained back more weight than they had lost, would binge to the point of throwing up and then continue to eat, were in all around mental distress and took on average 5 months to be able to re-gain control of “normal” eating habits.

My point is this, these men ate every day (a little over 1500 k/cal), and yet they were still starving. This can happen to anyone without even realizing it. If you suspect you have an issue with caloric intake look for these symptoms of semi-starvation

  • Increase in coffee and tea intake and excessive gum chewing
  • An extreme pre-occupation with food (wandering around grocery stores, collecting recipes you never make, cooking for others and not yourself, etc.)
  • Constantly thinking about what you’re going to have the next time you can eat
  • Irritability and depression
  • Fatigue or exhaustion

Since I am no longer starving , I have been enjoying a new favorite breakfast almost every day!

201106031538.jpgIt’s super easy but I’ll give you a recipe anyway =) (Oh, btw, I updated my recipe pages from the old blogger site!)

Hot to Cool Oat Breakfast “Cereal”


1/2 cup oatmeal or oatbran

2.5 cups water

3/4-1 cup milk (I use plain soy)

1 truvia packet

Cinnamon (I don’t limit cinnamon)

Any fruit you want as a topping

How To

Combine the oats and water and microwave until creamy and delicious. Stir frequently to avoid overflow! Takes about 5 minutes stirring every 45 sec-1 min.

Stir in cinnamon and truvia

Top with fruit if choice

Poor cool soy milk over the top (add more cinnamon if you like)

It’s so amazing! At the top is with an apple and blackberries


Here with a banana and raisins

And I didn’t picture it but this morning I had with frozen raspberries and coconut butter, delish!



What have you been having for breakfast lately?

Banana’s or apples? (Carrie you’re not allowed to answer!) ❤

Fun plans for the weekend? Twelve miles in the morning and hopefully hitting up the pool sometime!

OH I FORGOT!! Do you guys read Lee’s blog? You should, she’s a ton of fun and today she unknowingly gave MY SUBURB an excellent review! I run on the path she’s standing on all of the time and go to Tommy’s restaurant every single Sunday when I’m at home! I’ll write about it someday but for now check it out over there! (It MADE MY DAY if you can’t tell)


Cross Training and Reflections

Today is officially my last full day at school! Definitely bitter-sweet. It has been a ROUGH year but thank goodness it’s ending on a good note.

I spent 3/4 of the year counting calories, avoiding people, going to bed at 8:30 and finishing my homework weeks (or months) before it was due.


I still love my early bedtimes but I’ve realized I on occasion want to stay up late and be with people! What a shocker I know.

Since spring break I have stopped counting calories, stopped weighing myself, broken most of my food rules (I say most because I still won’t eat trans fat or things with an ingredient list longer than my iTunes library), gotten to a healthy weight and made some amazing new friends. While still managing to keep my grades in check and my workouts where I like them, something my ED told me was not possible (well he can shut the F up, just saying)


Another HUGE accomplishment that I had was going out to dinner with one of my new “friends” . I didn’t look at the menu online first, I didn’t insist on leaving food on my plate (although I did but only because I was full) and I didn’t insist on demolishing it all because if I don’t clearly I “still have an eating disorder”.

As for running, I’m not even trying right now. I tried last Friday and it did not work. My half is on Sunday *gulp* so I’m gently cross training all week and will try to get through a couple of miles on Thursday or Friday once I’m home to see if I can. My other options are dropping to the 10K or being the best cheerleader ever for my mom and sister =).

201105101109.jpg(Rough day)

This is why cross training is so important. Not only to prevent injury and boredom but also to keep you fit during an injury. If I didn’t already know about and love cycling and lifting I would have nothing to do at this time.

Benefits of Cross Training

  • Reduces exercise boredom
  • Allows you to be flexible about you training needs and plans (if the pool is closed, you can go for a run instead).
  • Produces a higher level of all around conditioning
  • Conditions the entire body, not just specific muscle groups
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Work some muscles while others rest and recover
  • Can continue to train while injured
  • Improves your skill, agility and balance


I also plan of some good hot yoga classes and a sports massage when I get home! It will be my first one, I’m EXCITED.

Please don’t even ask me what I’ve eaten over the past few days. My fridge currently has cottage cheese, peanut butter, a sweet potato and ketchup in it. I’ve been eating more meals at school so basically it’s been


Hummus sandwiches

Peanut butter in whole wheat tortillas

raw oats and cottage cheese

An Amy’s microwave black bean casserole meal

The first thing I am eating when I get home is a salad the size of my kitchen table201105101119.jpg

Vegetables, please come back to me =(.

I’m almost done packing (without any tears!!) and then off to try to entertain myself for the day!



How do you cross train?

Tell me about finding balance in your life!

How has your year up to this point been?

Does anyone want to mail me some greens? PLEASE?!

Counseling and Cookies


I saw a counselor at my school this morning. Today we just did an initial interview with background and what-not but I’m really excited to keep seeing her, I think it will help a ton! She already gave me some papers on the dangers of the diet mentality and intuitive eating. DSCI0002.JPG

My hummus expired yesterday so lunch was easy! I packed the rest of it with a cup of baby carrots, 1/2 a bell pepper and half a large cucumber. Plus some mary’s gone crackers and a string cheese.

These came in the mail today… I am SERIOUS, someone cancel my amazon account!!!

In addition to being nut and gluten free they are also vegan, oh and DELICIOUS! A texture like tiny muffins. I’ve already had two packets =/.

I let myself get WAY too hungry this afternoon so I had this toast X2 plus pretzels and some almonds.

Then when I finally got hungry for dinner much later than usual I really did not want to cook. So in interest of using up some food I have I went for this in the way back of the freezer.


I added some spinach and mushrooms for nutrients plus black pepper and red pepper flakes for flavor.

The verdict? Not that great. Actually, really not good at all. I ended up eating about 1/2 of it and having some toast with butter. Lame sauce dinner, good thing my cookies are amazing =).



Have you ever seen a counselor, did it help?

Has anyone found a good, somewhat healthy, microwave meal?

>Fat Talk


We all do it, whether we want to or not.


I needed to gain weight a few weeks ago, which I have and I feel great and health although as you can imagine it’s been a little hard to adjust.

The other night I was lying in bed after having one too many spoonfuls of cashew butter straight out of the jar thinking, why would you do that? I hate myself, I hate my body. Then I stopped… I HATE MY BODY?! After it ran 11 miles for me on Saturday? Well that is just wrong.

Ever since I’ve put needed weight back on, my ED side has been fat talking in full force. For real ED? After everything else you’ve put me through now this? So very rude.


We’re told to “fight” fat talk, put it down, don’t let it creep into your life, don’t let others do it around you. But how? How do you knock down that deeply embedded voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough?


Athlete’s cannot hate their body. Our bodies do too much for us.

What I needed to do was replace the behavior. Now every time I was to say I hate my body I say, for some shallow reason that the world has instilled in me I don’t feel like I look good. But I am a strong runner and not everyone can say that!

This morning I had planned on a random bike workout but I ended up doing 15 minutes of random and 45 minutes of intervals with a 5 minute cool down. DSCI0002.JPG

I’m out of peta =(. So before I had some whole wheat toast with laughing cow and fruit spread


Breakfast was a yogurt bowl with banana, blueberries, raw oats, kashi honey sunshine, cashew and almond butter and honey drizzle.



How do you fight fat talk?

Do you read beauty magazines or do you avoid them?

>Fear and BPS


Have you seen Matt’s post today? It’s a great article, check it out!

In addition to my cold, this afternoon I got hit HARD with a case of BPS

Bottomless Pit Syndrome

I think a combo of biking and hustling around campus causing my normal raging appetite plus my body fighting this stupid cold made me feel that enough food didn’t exist in the world…


For lunch I packed a hummus,avocado, nooch sandwich with spinach, dijon and tomato. Plus some grapes and dill pickle cashews

Snacks included


this amazing combo of pumpkin, the rest of the PB2, stevia, pumpkin pie spice and a scoop of cottage cheese… holy yumtastic!

Followed by 2 mini lara bars, a handful of trail mix, a slice of sesame bread with cashew butter, a handful of dates and a few spoons of nut butter…. slight satisfaction.

Eventually I just decided to have dinner<– yes DINNER not breakfast for dinner!

One of my absolute favorite foods growing up was mac and cheese. In times of restriction this became a major fear food for me. Probably because when I was younger I would kill the whole box as an after school “snack”… yea.

A lot of mac and cheese does not have the greatest nutritional stats but a while ago I grabbed a box of Annie’s natural organic, the ingredient list is really legit so I felt good about it!


I jazzed it up inspired by Gabriela with spinach, broccoli and mushrooms. I also added a scoop of yogurt recommended per the box and it was super creamy!


Plus a great amount of black pepper and hot sauce, how I’ve always done it and clearly always will! It was perfect, comforting and absolutely delicious. I am already excited to have leftovers for lunch! Mac and Cheese, I will never abandon you again.

Plus another piece of toast with sunflower butter and fruit spread.

*Also, I really want to do a Q&A vlog but I don’t have any Q’s! Please feel free to ask anything about running, weights or myself and I’ll answer what I can!*



Do you or have you ever had fear foods?

How to you jazz up pre-made meals?

>Project New Nutrition Update 2


Project New Nutrition

Update Number 1

Physically things have been going wonderfully! I have been curling 15 LBS on a regular basis and my 15LBS rows and dead-lifts are beginning to feel easier so I should be moving up soon! I am also running faster and feel like I am recovering between workouts so much better (shocker).

I have seen massive improvement especially in my hair, for the first time in almost a year it’s not coming out in chunks every time I wash it! My skin is still very dry although I put lotion on daily. I think I am in need of more omega-3’s.

Mentally has been good and bad. I have been struggling more with fat talk because I have put on weight (which I needed to!) but of course ED is not happy about it. Of course this is a common problem among young girls and I just keep reading healthy tipping point and trying to overcome it!

The other thing I have been struggling with is fear of restriction. If I accidently let myself get overly hungry I end up somewhat compulsively overeating. I think this is because my body is so afraid that I am restricting again.

I am trying to make it a point to focus on intuitive eating which is scary for me because it makes me realize how much I need and it tends to feel like “too much” although it is not.

My new smaller goals are to incorporate more protein in general and find ways to convince my body and myself that I will not restrict .

I did an interval bike workout this morning (covered 15 miles and 62 minutes in total)

Then held plank



For breakfast I had two whole grain waffles, one with cashew butter and honey and one with cream cheese and fruit spread. Plus a bundle of grapes


I used this cashew butter from my massive new stock. I love it, this kind really tastes like cashews!


Off to study, bio exam this week!



How is life for you in general?

>Reaching Out


Past Tips

Separation is Key

Recovery Tip 2: Reach out to othersDSCI0100.JPG

You may have noticed that I have recently been mentioning friends more, posting later and actually going out on the weekend. For the first time in many months I have somewhat of a social life.

A major part of eating disorders is self isolation. Your ED convinces you this is for many reasons. You’re better than everyone else, you only need your ED, you really want to be alone..blah blah blah.

The main reasons I have been reaching out to people is because I was sick of being alone. That fact in itself shows progress towards recovery. In addition the people I have been reaching to are those who I feel I can tell about what I am going through because you cannot fully recover without support. It is a great distraction from your ED voice and can make you remember what is really important.

I used to love to go out on the weekend. I loved being with people most of the time. My ED had convinced me that I no longer liked people but of course… it was a lie. I have been having a great time reconnecting with people and making new friends.


For lunch put together some fun fajita type things (scientific term). I got corn tortillas at the store today so i topped each with laughing cow, a bunch of chili-lime white bean dip, veggies and salsa. I had grapes on the side which were so appealing for whatever reason.




Per usual for me my appetite has not been on point all day. I got a little hungry for a snack so I mixed up PB2 and jelly sauce with some pretzels


Hi, I’m Caitlin and I’m boring addicted to omelets. Veggie om-nom with mango, toast with smart balance, fruit spread and PB… come on you know me.

I feel my appetite slightly returning, I’ll probably get in a dense snack soon… I’m going out again tonight =)



Tell me about your best friend!