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Failed Thursday, Fun Friday!

Happy weekend all! I hope you all had a fantastic Friday to start off your weekend, I sure did! For the past 2 days I’ve been hanging out with someone you haven’t heard much about,


PapaPerm! On Thursday we went to downtown Cleveland to lunch at a place I’ve never been put PapaPerm swore it had the best middle eastern food in Cleveland. I must say, I believe him to be right!

It was called Nate’s and has been a little hole in the wall dinner for 25 years and is still jam packed everyday!


West 25th street is known for ethnic food, Cambodia, Turkish, Lebanese for just a few


Hummus Tabouleh pita rolled for me


Fatoush salad for him. Everything was delicious!

Our goal was to go to the West Side Market only to find that it was closed! So what did we do? Venture back the next day!

We went back to Nate’s this time we both got Fatoush and hummus to share


The West Side Market is a BIG attraction in Cleveland. It’s not a farmers market but more like a giant grocery store in a warehouse. Produce vendors, butchers, bakers (not candle stick makers) and more come together to sell there stuff. You can get lunch or grocery shop of just come for a walk around!









BLUE potato pancake stuffed with goat cheese, may have been the prettiest food I’ve ever seen

I made away with some good stuff!


Peaches, apricots, sweet mango, dried dates and a fresh loaf of whole wheat bread


These are the BEST DATES EVER, I had about 8 with peanut butter at various times yesterday

THEN (busy Friday) PerMA and I did something we’ve been meaning to do forever, drag our butts to the gym at 6:15 PM (we’re both morning people) to go to Zumba class! I went to barbell strength Friday morning but I thought Zumba may be a nice supplement!

I was so much fun! The teacher definitely put her own flare on it, I plan to get Zumba certified in August so I figured I should start going to classes!


For dinner, Vegan Tempeh Sloppy Joe!! This is SOOO good, I’ll share the recipe soon!


This morning started with my beloved yogurt bowl

Greek yogurt

Raw Oats

Store brand “Life” cereal

Sunflower butter

Raspberry fruit spread


Alright, trying to convince myself to go to spin class. I had to delay my long run until tomorrow due to nasty weather (boo!) I’ve never done a long run on Sunday before, I’m a creature of habit so I hope it goes well!

Oh! I bet your wondering about something… I’m extending my giveaway to tomorrow morning

Since I haven’t posted as much it didn’t seem fair, so go and enter!



Do you like farmers markets? Yes!! Can’t wait to go this summer!

Favorite type of ethnic food?

Favorite Dried Fruit?

Runners! What day do you do your long run on?



Bad Blogger!

I’m so sorry friends, I realize I’m the worst blogger in the world! Truly it’s just been laziness (I believe created by the horrible weather that we’ve been experiencing). So let me break down my last few days for you!

Half Marathon

This past Sunday I ran my first half marathon. it was the Cleveland Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k.

Me and my mom ran it plus my sister came up from school (she’s an hour from home) with a friend of hers and they ran it too! It was a lot of fun to have so many female, runners together, even for just one night!

I got up at 5:30, got dressed and everything together that I hadn’t the night before. I ate a honey roasted PB and banana sandwich on whole wheat toast and we were out of the driveway by 6am!

We had to park about 1/2 a mile away from the start so we got a good warm up in. The start was right outside of Browns Stadium (<3 Peyton Hillis <3) so we got to use the bathrooms in the stadium before instead of port-o-potties.

The first 5 miles were on highways and hills. It was fun to run on the highway but I very stupidly took aleve before the race so for this whole time I thought I was going to vomit. Eventually the feeling passed and the second hour flew by, was great and super fun! Especially going over the huge bridge!


Love the statues =)


During the race I had water and poweraid at every stop plus to 8 ounce bottle of water and one of gatorade I had with me. I also had 2 GU’s, I normally use beans but after this I am switching to GU’s, they just worked better for me!

My time was pretty slow but not horrible.


Monday– 45 VERY EASY elliptical, my quads were on fire, I needed and easy peasy recovery.

Tuesday- 50 min ET, some body weight work. Evening- Total conditioning group class. I went because I LOVE the teacher and PerMa was going, it kicked my butt. I have never done so many jump squats.

Wednesday– 15 min bike intervals, 35 min ET, 30 min core class.

Thursday– CRT (Cardio resistance training) group fitness class. Very fast compound strength moves for an hour so you get a full body and cardio workout.

Food! (best part)


Whole wheat toast with honey roasted PB, raspberry jam and banana


Two poached eggs on sprouted grain sesame toast with lettuce and tomato, baby carrots and everything topped with dijon

*baby carrots and dijon=new best thing EVER*


The other night we made pineapple-tofu stir fry to use veggies up. Green beans, carrots, asparagus, spinach, green pepper, onion, tofu and pineapple all stir-fryed in vegan worcestershire sauce that I found at whole foods, score!!


I had a small portion because I snacked a lot that afternoon

And fun lunchtime snack plates

Romaine with hummus, four slice tofurkey slices, leftover roast cauliflower, two pickles and pineapple chunks.

And the other day I tried my coconut milk “yogurt” for a nighttime snack


Topped with frozen pineapple chunks to make it very tropical. I now love this stuff, too overpriced but so so good!

And for a last note, my grades came out today so I wanted to brag

Total Earned Credits Total Grade Points Term GPA




Course/Section and Title Grade Credits

BIOL*110 01 Human Biology



SOCI*291 01 Contemp Food Movements (WL)



ENGL*195 01 Brit Lit Hist:Lit Landscap(WL



IDST*228 01 MLKjr/Quest Racial Just (IS)



I promise promise promise to get beck to regular blogging, still love you all !!
What are your favorite stir fry ingredients?

Favorite vegetable dip/topping?

Anyone a baseball fan? Be jealous of my Indians =D

What I Know

Sarah Kay is an amazing spoken word poet. In this video she talks about how she encourages students to write poetry about what they “know to be true”.

The video is a little long but completely amazing and worth watching, even just the first 5 minutes.

Here are 10 things I know to be true

1) 2+2=4

2) I felt pretty all day today

3) I only have 3 weeks left of classes

4) I have a surprise for you all this weekend!

5) I love my family

6) I am excited for tomorrow night (it’s my friends birthday!!)

7) I was unhappy to wake up to this


seriously? I wore sandals yesterday

8) I love running

9) I am currently eating toast

10) I sincerely appreciate anyone who is reading this

I think this is a great exercise even if you are just feeling overwhelmed by something in the middle of the day. It helps you come back to reality. It can be fun and silly, serious or just some straight facts. Try it next time you need to come back down to earth!

What else I know to be true is that I woke up sick, really sick =(. My appetite has NOT been on point.


I had a salad for lunch but sadly did not enjoy it at all



I also had a yogurt bowl for breakfast and some random other snickerdoodles, peanut butter, cheerios and fruit throughout the day.




Tell me some things you know to be true

Off Week

I feel like I have had such on off week of food. Actually it’s been just kind of an off week for me in general but it has included my eats.

To me, a healthy diet includes nutritious food, a good balance and variety. I have been severely lacking in variety this week. I feel like I have been living off of hummus, nut butter, cereal, oatmeal and pretzels. Mainly because I have. I have also been indulging quite a but in my enjoy life snicker-doodles and dark chocolate.

Again, most of these foods are not unhealthy so I’m not too worried but I’ve also been very sleepy and not had a lot of motivation for school work. I am going to make it a point this week to pack my meals with veggies and try for much more fresh fruit… and I could probably be cool with ONE dessert.

Right after breakfast I went to the store just for veggies, and actually got just veggies! Win for Caitlin! Ok, I got a mango and grapes too… and some gum but I’m not counting those =)


For “lunch” (it was small) I threw together two corn tortillas with laughing cow and leftover baked beans with a bowl of some veg and superfruit vinaigrette.

I worked on a paper and then took a nap.

And woke up super hungry so had a mini breakfast cookie dough bowl (told you)


It held me for all of an hour before I was starving again. It was a little after 5 so I thought I would try to push dinner back a little. I had an apple and the last of my pineapple and felt like I had eaten nothing.

Clearly cooking something was not going to work so I had a pumpkin yogurt bowl


One box of cereal gone!

and a pita with PB

and four snicker-doodles

and a little bowl of cheerios

and a hummus wrap

and a handful of almonds

And I’m hungry… and I have issues


How do you get “back on track”

Would you like some of my appetite? There is plenty to go around!

Lessons from the Master

Some running lessons it is more than alright to learn from other runners. As PerMa has always told me “runners love to talk about running” <– true story

However there are some lessons that only running itself can teach you, especially during the long run.


What I learned today?

If your calves cramp up 4 miles in, instead of cutting your run short it is OK  stop your garmin every mile to stretch them out.

Long runs take a LONG TIME, longer than the time of the actual run. With my bathroom, stretching and water bottle re-filling stops I was out for about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Humid runs suck, my body felt a good temperature, maybe even a little chilly but I was dripping like I had been in a sauna for days.

If you’re really struggling, stop checking your pace and your splits and just run. I didn’t even get my splits today. I just ran as much as I could, walked for a minute when I needed it and took the stretch breaks.

And what I’ve known but what was VERY MUCH reinforced today,

Running is not always fun. You don’t always want to do it but nothing can replace the feeling of finishing, no matter what it is worth it.

I did want to finish in under two hours. I kind of gave up on the around mile 5 and just wanted to finish but when I saw it was an option I sprinted the last tenth of a mile and yes that time counts as under two hours!

I fueled with a clif bar before and on the run had about 8 oz of gatorade and three dried pineapple chunks.



Quaker oat squares, yogurt, banana, honey and cinnamon


And of course a ton of cashew butter reminisce.

here is the other cashew butter jar.


If it looks like it has two different colors, it’s because it does. I combined the rest of both this morning so I could use the jar… again because I’m the coolest kid around.



Tell me some lessons you’ve learned just from experience, running or not!

Last round groceries?

I’ll just start with saying I’m a bad blogger and forgot to take a picture of my lunch =(. It’s too bad because it was kind of funny! I packed cheese and veggie scrambled eggs (they do not travel great), sweet potato chips and mango chunks.

I’m ok with having oats twice a day. I made a mini breakfast cookie dough bowl for a snack today. Plus a million other spoons of nut butter.DSCI0001.JPG

Star of the dinner show!

Baked sweet potato with coconut butter, raisins and dried cranberries… o heavenly yumtasitc. And my room smells like baked sweet potato… winning.

Plus a vegan chik’n pattie and steamed broc topped with dijon and ketchup.

Alright, I know I’m supposed to be using up food, but I do still have a month and there are a few things that I thought it was reasonable to get for that coming month.

After dinner I took advantage of my schools “Wednesday night errand” shuttle and went to Wal Mart. Normally I walk to stores on the weekend but the one’s within walking distance have very limited options.

This won’t actually be my LAST grocery trip, I’ll still need fresh veggies but I think it will probably be my last Wal Mart trip.


Pitas for pre-workout (or deliciousness) and flat outs. Aren’t flat outs the BEST!? 90 calories per wrap?? Perfect excuse to use 5 tablespoons of peanut butter!


Butter toffee almonds, nut/seed butters, fruit spread, mac and cheese and veggie burgers


I hope they mean a family of one


cereal, pineapple, cottage cheese and yogurt, clif for pre long run, english muffins and orange almond dark chocolate

I also bought whole wheat toaster waffles and tofu but they escaped the pictures.

Plus handy wipes! Has anyone else noticed a theme with bloggers of either having top notch personal hygiene or none at all? Well, I wouldn’t say I have NONE but I am really bad about washing my face at night. I do in the shower after the gym in the morning but I always go to bed with makeup on, hopefully these will be an easy motivation!

Currently in bed munching PB toast and dark chocolate and about to go read your wonderful blogs, love this! night!



What did you get on your last big grocery trip?

Personal hygiene? How do you do? Better than most college students actually. I do shower daily… washing my hair is a whole other story. But my dorm room is spick and span!

Could it be?

Is it FINALLY coming?201104061052.jpg

I don’t know, what I DO know it I walked to the gym only in these clothes this morning instead of giant sweats!! DSCI0005.JPGThis morning I ran 2 miles in just under 18 minutes when my shin stared talkin’ sh** to me. Again, I hate risking things on short runs so very sadly I hopped off the treadmill and onto the ET.

When I started a reverse interval on the ET my shin felt like it was going to break it half… I think THAT is what caused it!! My cross training is HURTING my running instead of helping… clearly no more reverse intervals for me!!

I also got on the bike so in total I did about 35 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of full body weights.

O SO DELICIOUS breakfast! Overnight pumpkin oats!


The rest of my yogurt, water, pumpkin, 1/3 cup oats, chocolate whey protein, stevia and pumpkin pie spice


This morning topped with banana, cinnamon raising granola crumbles (gettin to the bottom of the bag) and sunflower butter. I’m almost out =(, do we think it’s too late in the year to get another jar?

The texture of these was different because I actually had a good amount of yogurt left. Still delicious I just couldn’t detect the doughiness of the oats as much.

Happy hump day everyone!



What is your favorite cross training?

Should I buy more sunflower butter, yay or nay?