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Cross Training and Reflections

Today is officially my last full day at school! Definitely bitter-sweet. It has been a ROUGH year but thank goodness it’s ending on a good note.

I spent 3/4 of the year counting calories, avoiding people, going to bed at 8:30 and finishing my homework weeks (or months) before it was due.


I still love my early bedtimes but I’ve realized I on occasion want to stay up late and be with people! What a shocker I know.

Since spring break I have stopped counting calories, stopped weighing myself, broken most of my food rules (I say most because I still won’t eat trans fat or things with an ingredient list longer than my iTunes library), gotten to a healthy weight and made some amazing new friends. While still managing to keep my grades in check and my workouts where I like them, something my ED told me was not possible (well he can shut the F up, just saying)


Another HUGE accomplishment that I had was going out to dinner with one of my new “friends” . I didn’t look at the menu online first, I didn’t insist on leaving food on my plate (although I did but only because I was full) and I didn’t insist on demolishing it all because if I don’t clearly I “still have an eating disorder”.

As for running, I’m not even trying right now. I tried last Friday and it did not work. My half is on Sunday *gulp* so I’m gently cross training all week and will try to get through a couple of miles on Thursday or Friday once I’m home to see if I can. My other options are dropping to the 10K or being the best cheerleader ever for my mom and sister =).

201105101109.jpg(Rough day)

This is why cross training is so important. Not only to prevent injury and boredom but also to keep you fit during an injury. If I didn’t already know about and love cycling and lifting I would have nothing to do at this time.

Benefits of Cross Training

  • Reduces exercise boredom
  • Allows you to be flexible about you training needs and plans (if the pool is closed, you can go for a run instead).
  • Produces a higher level of all around conditioning
  • Conditions the entire body, not just specific muscle groups
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Work some muscles while others rest and recover
  • Can continue to train while injured
  • Improves your skill, agility and balance


I also plan of some good hot yoga classes and a sports massage when I get home! It will be my first one, I’m EXCITED.

Please don’t even ask me what I’ve eaten over the past few days. My fridge currently has cottage cheese, peanut butter, a sweet potato and ketchup in it. I’ve been eating more meals at school so basically it’s been


Hummus sandwiches

Peanut butter in whole wheat tortillas

raw oats and cottage cheese

An Amy’s microwave black bean casserole meal

The first thing I am eating when I get home is a salad the size of my kitchen table201105101119.jpg

Vegetables, please come back to me =(.

I’m almost done packing (without any tears!!) and then off to try to entertain myself for the day!



How do you cross train?

Tell me about finding balance in your life!

How has your year up to this point been?

Does anyone want to mail me some greens? PLEASE?!



And not in to cool brick house kind of way. I’m sorry to start this post in a really whiny way but I have been in a serious funk the past few days. 201104291840.jpg

I think maybe I’m just way burnt out, it’s been a crazy year and maybe knowing that it’s almost over has got me calling it quits a little too early!

The only three things I’ve wanted to do are workout, eat and lie in bed. Which is virtually what had been happening (don’t worry, I’ve still been going to class!) But more homework needs to get done than has been for sure!

I’m giving myself a break now because it’s Friday but seriously, tomorrow I am making a to-do list a plow through it pre-funk Caitlin style… I can get things done son.


To cheer myself up I’ve been

1) Working out (duh)

2) Trying to be with people

3) Taking walks as weather permits

4) Dressing pretty (this legit makes me feel better)

5) Blasting this playlist

Picture 3.png


Some cheerin’ up eats


Overnight oats


I finished this in exactly one week, delicious though not recommended, I had a stomach ache for a few days!


And I re-found the my macadamia nut butter in the back of my fridge, huzzah! On whole grain waffles with honey and pumpkin cottage cheese


And honestly most of my lunches and dinners have looked like this, boring but the lack of motivation goes everywhere in my life… =(.

It is BEAUTIFUL out today so I took a good walk downtown this afternoon and am seeing a play on campus tonight! The wind is supposed to be brutal in the morning so looks like I’ll be in the gym, let’s see how I do on the treadmill! If I was outside I would go for maybe 9-11 miles but I’d be happy with 6-7 in the gym with some cross training time.

My half is two weeks from Sunday!!!



How do you de-funk yourself?

What’s your favorite song right now?

Any races coming up?

Nuts about Cashews

Hey friends!! Let’s talk about something I have been eating a ridiculous abundance of in the past few days.


Cashew’s and cashew butter


Hello, I love you (this was full yesterday… oops)


The reason for my recent cashew addiction is unknown but I’m ok with it, aside from being delicious cashews are a nutrition powerhouse.


Are packed with soluble fiber and phyto-chemicals that help fight cancer

Are full of healthy fat to help lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol)

A handful of cashews daily can help prevent deficiencies of zinc, manganese, potassium, copper, iron and magnesium.(I expect I have an insane abundance of these things.)

They are filled with B vitamins and even some antioxidants!


Aside from cashews, my appetite has still not been 100% because of the cold though I am feeling a lot better, thank you for all the well wishes!

Vegetables have not been sounding that great but fruit has been so I’ve been loading up on that




Along with some waffles and breakfast cookie dough



Tonight some more real food was sounding good so I made Annie’s mac and cheese. I mixed half the box with spinach, broccoli, hot sauce and pepper.



Almonds and cashews of course! I had more, my hand is really small =)

I’ve still been working out but more lifting than cardio because of the cough. Today I ran a slow mile, did 15 minutes on the bike and lifted for 45 minutes. I hope to get a great bike interval workout in tomorrow but we’ll see.

I also got great exercise dancing last night because we didn’t have class today so I went out, woo hoo!! It was my friends birthday so we hung out in her room for a while before going to the party.


Birthday girl!!

I’m actually ok with not running this week (though I do miss it) but I have to keep my legs fresh for something this weekend…. it’s a surprise!



What foods do you like when your sick? Cold things for a sore throat for sure

What’s your favorite nut/nut butter?


I can act like a real college student.

Sometimes it’s alright to take a nap after dinner in order to make it to the party that starts at 11pm (what is wrong with the world?)

It’s ok to stay up until 4 if you’re having a great time and sleep until 10:30 (however be prepared to wake up completely starving)


Enter breakfast cookie dough bowl made with oats, vanilla protein powder, vanilla almond granola, sunflower and almond butter, skim milk and a banana.

I should eventually start my day though =)



What kind of “unlike you” behavior have you experience recently?

Super Mouse

A lot of the time, bio is rather boring… and then it has it’s moments.

The other day, we watched a video of two mice who were both 18 months old. They were running on treadmills for the first time, one went for an hour the other for FOUR hours, in human equivalent it would be someone running a marathon without having run at all before in their life.

The mouse that went so long is known as PEPCK (said like pepsi-kay) mouse. PEPCK is an enzyme found in your liver that metabolizes sugar for energy. What they did to this mouse was put PEPCK in the muscle fibers so it got literally instant energy because sugar was metabolized at the source.

I’m looking into being the first human test subject… it would free up my Saturday mornings quite a bit =).
Some eats for the day were

Hummus, nooch and veggie wrap, apple, homemade snack mix and string cheese

PB&J cereal. This is probably my new favorite snack. Just a little bowl of cereal (quaker oat squares), 1/2 a banana, a scoop of PB and blueberry preserves, amazing.
I had three and a larabar and totally spoiled my dinner appetite. I’ve been doing that a lot lately =(.
I obviously don’t like spoiling my dinner appetite but I am always starving when I get back from class at four… I need to find some way to redistribute my calories. It’s also not so bad because at least it’s with nutritional foods instead of a bunch of cookies or something.

Eventually I put together something light. I really wanted the pineapple I bought yesterday so I had a bowl of it with raw tofu and nuked baby carrots with some sunflower butter, don’t knock it till you try it!
Sorry for the weird lighting, it was later than usual.
Plus an english muffin and two enjoy life snicker-doodles (one package, there are two cookies per package)
If you could have a superpower what would it be? I used to want to fly, now I want my muscles instead of my liver to metabolize sugar.

Last round groceries?

I’ll just start with saying I’m a bad blogger and forgot to take a picture of my lunch =(. It’s too bad because it was kind of funny! I packed cheese and veggie scrambled eggs (they do not travel great), sweet potato chips and mango chunks.

I’m ok with having oats twice a day. I made a mini breakfast cookie dough bowl for a snack today. Plus a million other spoons of nut butter.DSCI0001.JPG

Star of the dinner show!

Baked sweet potato with coconut butter, raisins and dried cranberries… o heavenly yumtasitc. And my room smells like baked sweet potato… winning.

Plus a vegan chik’n pattie and steamed broc topped with dijon and ketchup.

Alright, I know I’m supposed to be using up food, but I do still have a month and there are a few things that I thought it was reasonable to get for that coming month.

After dinner I took advantage of my schools “Wednesday night errand” shuttle and went to Wal Mart. Normally I walk to stores on the weekend but the one’s within walking distance have very limited options.

This won’t actually be my LAST grocery trip, I’ll still need fresh veggies but I think it will probably be my last Wal Mart trip.


Pitas for pre-workout (or deliciousness) and flat outs. Aren’t flat outs the BEST!? 90 calories per wrap?? Perfect excuse to use 5 tablespoons of peanut butter!


Butter toffee almonds, nut/seed butters, fruit spread, mac and cheese and veggie burgers


I hope they mean a family of one


cereal, pineapple, cottage cheese and yogurt, clif for pre long run, english muffins and orange almond dark chocolate

I also bought whole wheat toaster waffles and tofu but they escaped the pictures.

Plus handy wipes! Has anyone else noticed a theme with bloggers of either having top notch personal hygiene or none at all? Well, I wouldn’t say I have NONE but I am really bad about washing my face at night. I do in the shower after the gym in the morning but I always go to bed with makeup on, hopefully these will be an easy motivation!

Currently in bed munching PB toast and dark chocolate and about to go read your wonderful blogs, love this! night!



What did you get on your last big grocery trip?

Personal hygiene? How do you do? Better than most college students actually. I do shower daily… washing my hair is a whole other story. But my dorm room is spick and span!

>Cure for the Common Cold


*If you are a Beloit student who happens to be reading this, please contact me via facebook or my school e-mail*

Take two parts oatmeal


For breakfast and lunch

One part 3 hour nap

One part netflix instant watch


Every foodie should watch this movie… prepare to be insanely jealous

One english paper draft (very optional)


One thousand plus cups of green tea with lemon

100000000 bottles of water

1 yoga class (if you’re feeling well enough, which I was!)

2 rounds of neti pot


I am already feeling SO much better than this morning! Still super tired but an early bedtime should clear that right up! I also got my taste for veggies back! YAY!

pre-yoga toast w/ cashew butter


Dinner hummus, cucs, dijon and spinach in a whole wheat tortilla


steamed cauliflower, carrots and ketchup on the side


dessert was this x3… I should NOT be allowed to keep my favorite cereal around.


I’ve also realized I didn’t set any April goals!! Well I did in my head but I need to tell you all… in the morning =).



What’s your favorite cereal?

What are some of your April goals, inspire me!