Let’s Include Everyone

Hey hey hey! Have we all (I’m sure we have) seen the pyramid replacement?201106041329.jpg

A lot of bloggers have been discussing this new system so I thought I’d get in on the fun! First off, I’d just like to say that I adore Michelle Obama and I think her Let’s Move initiative is one of the best things currently happening in the country.

My first reaction to the food plate instead of the pyramid is that I really like it. The vast majority of Americans are not counting how many portions of each food group they are having each day or even know what a real serving size is. This is much simple and WAY more accessible so for that I say way to go!


There has on the other hand been some controversy about this image that was released in regards to the plate 201106041336.jpg

Obviously, many health and nutrition enthusiasts would neither eat nor initially approve of this meal. Would I chose out of my free will to eat this? Probably not. Definitely not the salmon (?) probably not the milk and I would never prepare this meal for myself or anyone else. So prepared to be shocked and amazed when I say that I in fact approve of the government putting this image out and I think it’s exactly what people needed to see. 201106041339.jpg

Calm down. I’ll explain.

You and I friends, are very lucky. No, I don’t know you personally but I assume you write a health blog or are interested in a healthy lifestyle. We are lucky to be able to afford good, fresh, healthy food. I am not going to get into what is worth investing money in, what food stamps can get you etc. my problem goes beyond those things.

The reason we are so lucky is because we are within a very reasonable difference of minimum one of these 201106041341.jpg





You get my point.

Not everyone is so lucky. Food deserts are a huge problem in the United States. In 2009 the USDA conducted a study on areas known as food deserts.

-2.3 million (2.2%) of all U.S. households live more than a mile from a supermarket and do not have access to a vehicle

-3.4 million (3.2%) of all U.S. households live between .5 to a mile and do not have access to a vehicle

-4.4% of households in rural areas live more than 1 mile from the supermarket AND do not have access to a vehicle.

-22% – Percent of households in low income urban areas living 1/2 to 1 mile from a supermarket with no access to a vehicle.

-2001 survey found that nearly 6 percent of U.S. households did not always have food due to access related problems.

The issue mainly effects low socio-economic urban and rural areas. This is not an issue of money, this is an issue of not having the time or energy to take a 3 hour round-trip bus ride to the closest real grocery store with your two children after working two jobs. That is the real scenario that many people would have to go to if they were to want to spend the few food stamps they have on fresh fruit and vegetables.


All of the pink areas are food deserts, that is horrifying.


*Climbing off of my soapbox*

Back to why I like the plate. All of those things are available to the vast majority of people. Most corner and drug stores have canned fruits and veggies, whole wheat bread, milk and some kind of protein available. People with access to other stores will understand that the government is not recommending canned green beans over fresh, they are simply trying to show that EVERYONE can have a somewhat decent meal. That you can picked canned veggies over Twinkies at the corner store. Which is an improvement X100000.



What do you think of the new system?

I’d love feedback in general!


One response to “Let’s Include Everyone

  1. Great information on food deserts – I really had no idea how big this problem was.

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