National Running Day!


You know you want to bust out your sweet running kicks and hit the streets!


I just got NEW sweet running shoes, Mizuno Wave runners 14, LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM!

Running has amazing benefits for your mind and body, it can

Aid in weight loss and maintenance

Has been shown to relieve symptoms of depression

Boosts your immune system and metabolism

Can improve balance and coordination

Releases endorphins so you feel amazing afterward!

Never run before? Not a problem!

Try the coach to 5k program from cool running

OR my personal favorite (that I still use EVERY TIME I run) olympian Jeff Galloway’s Run/walk/run method


Jeff has used this method to coach his runners to sub 3- hour marathons. It is not wimpy, it is still running, it is amazing for new runners or seasoned runner who want to prevent fatigue and injury (who doesn’t want that?!)

If it’s you millionth run today, or your first, just give it a shot! Believe me you won’t regret it, I sure never did =D






Are you a runner? Are you celebrating today? How did you get into running?

Not a runner? What do you like to do instead?!


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