So Much!

I couldn’t think of another title just because I have so much to tell you all! I’ve decided to break it into categories to make it easier on all of us =).


I made it home from school safe and sound, unfortunately I cannot say the same for my camera. Don’t worry, it’s safe and sound, just in storage in the basement of my dorm instead of in Cleveland (oops). At first I just panicked but then I remembered PerMa has a camera too, yay! 201105131317.jpg


Is non-existent! Funny story, it was actually never existent. I tried to run yesterday and immediately my feet were screaming. I was incredibly sad and worried but luckily there was a spin class about to start to I headed over there. Oddly my feet kept hurting throughout spin and then my ankles hurt too. I suddenly knew what was wrong. I stopped my bike, untied my shoes and re-tied them looser. The pain instantly went away. My shoes were tied too tight. The whole time. Wow Caitlin.

The newspaper decided to get in on the joke this morning by publishing some race tipsCIMG0281.JPG

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Being Home and Food!

I love being home for many reasons

My gym


My gym =). I went to spin yesterday and ran a mile in total. Today I ran 2.5 miles and went to barbell strength.


My TV! And re-runs of Real Housewives of New Jersey =)


A REAL, stocked, kitchen! Which I cleaned right after I took this.


And good food! Whole wheat TJ’s tortilla with tofurkey, dijon, lettuce and pickles.


baby carrots with dijon and frozen pineapple.

I had a wonderful trip to Trader Joe’s this morning but this is already long so I’ll report the goods back tonight!



Who has a race coming up? I am SO SO SO happy I can run the half on Sunday!!

What’s your favorite thing about being home?

What’s your favorite Trader Joe’s goody?


One response to “So Much!

  1. AH YAY For no injury! ahahahha that musta felt so good when u discovered it was just becuz u tied them too tight!

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