How to Win My Heart

Confession, I’ve had a new male friend in my life for about 2 weeks now.

He isn’t my boyfriend yet because of some difficult circumstances (like I’m going how for 3 months in 4 days) but we’re still having a great time for now =D.

How I know this may actually be something? Because he made a surprise delivery to my room today when I was packing


Ladies, be jealous =).

My room supply has been running short but I’ve managed to have some super yummy eats



Sweet potato with yogurt, cinnamon and raisins


And my new favorite mix of peanut flour, cottage cheese, pumpkin, cinnamon and stevia or honey.

This is great with cereal, raw oats, plain or as a dip


After a great 75 minute bike workout this morning I had it for breakfast with two whole wheat pitas.

I tried to run again yesterday and my feet hurt so bad I had to step out of the gym to cry a little, BIG BOO. My half is a week from tomorrow so my plan is to not run at all until Thursday when I’m home. Until then I’ll cross train, yoga, stretch and ice!

Off to pack more!



What’s the nicest gift you’ve ever received from a potential romantic interest? I think this may be it actually…

Favorite sweet potato topping?


3 responses to “How to Win My Heart

  1. BEST GIFT!!!!!! the best gift I got.. wow food= pb and co or sun warrior! other = tiffanys necklace!..

  2. Wow, impressive :)!

  3. I can’t believe I have never given a girl nut butter. LOL.

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