Things I’m Going a Week Without

Because I’m bad at rationing my favorite foods but I promised myself I wasn’t going shopping again.


Any fresh fruit besides oranges, apples and bananas ( I can get those at school)

Spinach/ lettuce


baby carrots



and worst of all…


Why oh why must I eat you so quickly??

I have some frozen food still so I’ll use that for veggie supply and of course I can always get food from school (especially hummus, thank goodness). At least I have some sweet potatoes left!

Also I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating frequently! I’ve been super busy trying to get all of my papers done but I’ll be home next week so we’ll chat more frequently then, promise!

So let’s just go for a quick update


Saturday- 45 min Yoga, 30 min power walk, 30 min bike

Sunday- 5 miles tempo run

Monday-2 mile run, 25 min bike, 45 min lift

Tuesday- 65 min bike intervals

Wednesday- .50 run (I’ll explain) 30 min. bike, 45 min lift

Thursday- 65 min bike intervals, 10 min ET

Alright Caitlin, so what’s with the weirdly short runs?

Well my dears I’ve come down with a touch of plantar faciitis =(. Basically fascia is what holds you muscles together and if something is causing it to pull it hurts, a lot. My calves are ridiculously tight so it pulls the fascia in the heel and arch of my feet. The remedy is a bunch of stretching and ice, pretty simple so hopefully I’ll be running again next week!

Some Eats

I need to use pumpkin and yogurt hence, a great amount of pumpkin yogurt


With the rest of PB2, oats and craisins

With Ambrosial Museli

And more random meals


Four egg whites scrambled with salsa, hummus mixed with dijon, baby carrots, pretzels, apple. Can you tell I was rushing?

I also finished the pretzel bag because I need some kind of intervention. I’ve eaten 10 bags in 6 weeks, please don’t judge me.

Must study for bio! I have a date tonight =).



What foods do you struggle without? All of the above, it’s a hard knock life

I’m debating nail color, ideas?

Who wants to take my bio final for me?


2 responses to “Things I’m Going a Week Without

  1. ouch! that will suck without those foods!! ahh sorry about your injury! that sounds nasty girl!!! xxx

  2. I hope you feel better! Have fun on your date 🙂

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