Happy May!

Happy May!! The weather here has finally started to look up lately, although it’s been insanely windy!

My weekend in review

Saturday I was going to run but because people are inept something went wrong and the gym wasn’t open I decided to make it an easy day. I did 45 minutes of yoga in my room and took a long power walk ( I can walk in the wind but not run).

My plan actually failed because I ended up going to the gym later for a bike workout because I wanted to and I was bored =).

I also had a GREAT night out on Saturday, although didn’t get in until five in the morning, yikes!! I feel as if that will come to get me later today, good thing I don’t have that much to do!

I’ve gotten really lucky with finals time, because I tend to be perpetually ahead I only have 2 assignments and 1 exam. I plan on being done with my assignments by tomorrow night and my exam is Friday!

Also, some things I’ve eaten





And a review of how I did with my April goals!

1) Do not get Injured: I’ve been having some shin pain recently and this morning woke up and something is off about my hip. I’m not sure what’s going on with me but I am not going to prolong any kind of potential injury.

I actually did pretty well with this! I’ve discovered that my shin pain has come from calve tightness so I’ve been stretching them out a lot more. My IT band has been acting up a little recently but I know how to take care of that… foam roll it baby!

2) Keep up the Yoga: I’ve been doing really well making it to class once a week, I want to keep it up!

Eh, I didn’t do too bad, for sure could have done more. Although I have started just stretching more also so that counts a little bit.

3)Post more workouts: Fairly self explanatory, I want to share more of how I gym with you all!

I posted one… yea that’s a fail.

4) Listen to my body: Way too much mindless late night snacking for not reason has ensued over the past few weeks, I’m want to break the habit like yesterday.

Very unfortunately this was not a big success. I am really starting to buckle down now, especially because school has slowed down so much and is about to end, stress is not an excuse (and never a good one).

5)USE FOOD!!!: The semester is almost over and I could feed the whole campus… help!

Kind of, I still have a good amount of grains and frozen stuff left but I haven’t done too bad. I wasn’t expecting to be able to eat it all. I’m considering taking it all up to the baseball team that lives two floors up, I’m sure they could take care of it for me =).

Overall I’d say about a201105012136.jpg

Maybe a B-

And May Goals!

1) Half Marathon! My half is May 15th. This has obviously been a longer term goal but I would like to finish in about 2:10 and not get hurt!

2) Finish the school year on a good note It has been a LONG, ROUGH year. I’m finally making friends, going out and feeling happy. I only have 9 days left, I want them to count.

3) Volunteer I don’t start my real summer job until mid-june so I would love to volunteer during May.

4) Get in touch with old friends while we’re all home for the summer!

5) RECIPES! This will be a lot easier once I’m home and have a real kitchen!

Alright loveys, I ran this afternoon and haven’t showered yet (hi, I’m gross) so I’ll be off to do that and work on one of my take home finals!



What are your May goals?

If your in school, how are finals going? How are you handling the stress? I know most people are actually stressed, I’m just really lucky.


4 responses to “Happy May!

  1. May goal: to get through the next three days of final exams and then it’s on to summer! I like the blog theme, college is the perfect time to make the change. Good luck on your final!

  2. girl u did pretty well!.. dont stress too much!>. cnt wait to see how ur goals for this month go!

  3. You’ve done really well, girl! My goal this month is to drink more water and get in touch with friends more!

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