And not in to cool brick house kind of way. I’m sorry to start this post in a really whiny way but I have been in a serious funk the past few days. 201104291840.jpg

I think maybe I’m just way burnt out, it’s been a crazy year and maybe knowing that it’s almost over has got me calling it quits a little too early!

The only three things I’ve wanted to do are workout, eat and lie in bed. Which is virtually what had been happening (don’t worry, I’ve still been going to class!) But more homework needs to get done than has been for sure!

I’m giving myself a break now because it’s Friday but seriously, tomorrow I am making a to-do list a plow through it pre-funk Caitlin style… I can get things done son.


To cheer myself up I’ve been

1) Working out (duh)

2) Trying to be with people

3) Taking walks as weather permits

4) Dressing pretty (this legit makes me feel better)

5) Blasting this playlist

Picture 3.png


Some cheerin’ up eats


Overnight oats


I finished this in exactly one week, delicious though not recommended, I had a stomach ache for a few days!


And I re-found the my macadamia nut butter in the back of my fridge, huzzah! On whole grain waffles with honey and pumpkin cottage cheese


And honestly most of my lunches and dinners have looked like this, boring but the lack of motivation goes everywhere in my life… =(.

It is BEAUTIFUL out today so I took a good walk downtown this afternoon and am seeing a play on campus tonight! The wind is supposed to be brutal in the morning so looks like I’ll be in the gym, let’s see how I do on the treadmill! If I was outside I would go for maybe 9-11 miles but I’d be happy with 6-7 in the gym with some cross training time.

My half is two weeks from Sunday!!!



How do you de-funk yourself?

What’s your favorite song right now?

Any races coming up?


3 responses to “Funky

  1. i thin ur on the right track to defunk! exercise and comfort eats like oats always help me!

  2. I defunk myself with comfort food, favorite music, a good movie and a chat with my momma!

  3. Personally I like any combination of rugby (playing or watching), playing with my 6 yr old cousin, church, and working. my cousin and i own a pub, and hanging out there having a pint with the regulars is very cheering

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