Picky, Picky

I have never been a picky eater. I have never been demanding about where I go to eat if going out, when to leave.

I am not too concerned about the flavor of candy, brand of peanut butter or color of grape.

However, this morning, I realized that I am an extremely picky runner. Not a good habit to be in going into marathon training.

I woke up wanting to run outside, it was raining “Oh, I can’t run in the rain”


I thought about running on the treadmill “I can try to get through a few miles, but probably not the 5 I want to do”

I wanted to get some hills in “Maybe not, I hate hills”


“Maybe I should just do the elliptical instead”

Wait a minute Caitlin, maybe you need to try to push yourself! Not to sound like a complainer, but when did I become such a wimp? I’ve plowed through 10 miserable miles on the dreadmill before, I can certainly bust out a short run!!

I hate the treadmill and hills but it’s good for me workout

Walk 2 minutes to warm up

Jog two minutes

Speed up to a difficult pace with 3.0% incline for 1 minute

Up speed slightly and increase incline to 5.0% for 1 minute

Remove hill, keep speed for 2 minutes

Walk one minute

Repeat until desired distance/time is reached

I did this for 3 miles and walk .25 miles.

I am SO happy I did this, I felt great after of course because I love running and because even though it wasn’t physically that hard, I felt like I pushed myself mentally.

I also lifted for 40 minutes. I have always loved strength but I just cannot get enough lately!

Re-fuel with the ever ugly but oh so delicious vanilla breakfast cookie dough with cashew butter


And charge up for bio this afternoon with and easy salad topped with a boca burger and salsa


and part of a brown rice wrap with peanut butter ( I must have eaten the other part at some other time =P)


There has been a very welcome return of veggies into my life recently



egg whites with broc and shrooms


and an indecent about of these little, cold, crunchy, delicious fellows




Toasted sprouted grain muffin, almond butter, dried chopped dates and honey


I was in sandwich heaven

Off to do homework, crunch time if you haven’t heard!



How do you push yourself?

Hills? Yay or nay?

How have you been doing on veggie intake lately?


4 responses to “Picky, Picky

  1. I definitely need to try this treadmill workout! I HATE treadmills and hills! Thanks for the idea 🙂

  2. Sorry, I think I passed on the picky runner gene :(!

  3. So much good stuff here!

    But – wait – vanilla breakfast dough?! How – do explain!

    • you have to try it! It’s from the Fitnessista. Its raw oatmeal, vanilla protein powder, milk of your choice, banana, stevia and a big scoop of nut butter, so doughy and delicious!

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