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Tip #4- Watch your language

In case you are reading this book, this is not something she addresses directly however I’ve developed the idea from different concepts in the book.

I have learned many things through struggles with my ed and even more through recovery. One thing that I realized walking through the airport this weekend is that you never know someone’s story and therefor in any situation you must watch what you say.


Now, I may see an extremely thin girl and my first thought is I want to help her overcome her eating issues. However she could be thin for any number of reasons. Likewise, someone you know may have gained a good amount of weight and your first thought may be that they should hit the treadmill, but what if they went on medication that causes weight gain? Or what if they are in recovery from an ED and did it on purpose? You just never know.

This brings me to watching what you say. I am coming to realize that you should not compliment people on their body changes unless you know the motivation behind it. If you know a friend is trying to lose weight for health reasons it is alright to encourage them.

If someone you are acquainted with starts to lose weight you cannot know if it’s for health reasons or of they are relapsing to starvation. Similarly if someone gains weight, even if they look better and more muscular it may have come in an unhealthy way they are not happy about.

Uneducated body image comments can be triggering to anyone. All in all, it is better to not even acknowledge a change in body.

If you want to show your peeps some love try these on for size (no pun intended)


No…. not a good example Caitlin

Are you hanging out this weekend? I always have the best time with you!

Can I please steal your smile? it is the best!

Don’t be surprised if you wake up and those shoes are gone from your closet, you need to give me some style tips!



What’s the best compliment you’ve ever given/relieved?


2 responses to “Watch Your Language

  1. It’s so important to give compliments, sincere ones of course. Not only may it make them feel better, but it makes us feel better. I remember chatting with this guy who was just so upbeat, he absolutely seemed to love life. And whenever he passed someone he’d say “That’s an absolutely beautiful dress you have on this morning.” or something simple like that to people he didn’t know. Just small things like that are enough to turn days around.

  2. I love when people tell me I’m just like my mom. That’s the best compliment in the world to me.

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