Rough and Fun

This morning I did the Cleveland annual Hermes 10 miler. 10 miles seems like a great distance for a race because it’s tough but doesn’t beat you into the ground and you definitely feel like you’ve accomplished something!

Race kit essentials (fuel belt, iPod, sports beans)


Almond butter and apricot preserves DSCI0034.JPG



I went with PerMa and her runner friend Rebecca. We got there with enough time to use the restroom, stretch and chat. It was actually about a 5 minute walk uphill to the start line so we had to start that trek early on.

It was 5 miles out and back

I started great at about a 9:30 pace then around mile 3 the pain began

It started with my shins and then moved to my calves, it slowed my down immensely for about 5 miles. There were literally parts that I was going a 10:40 mile pace and I took a ton of walk breaks.

At mile 8 the pain didn’t stop but I was just so happy to be almost done that I just didn’t really feel it anymore.

I finished strong but it obviously wasn’t enough to make up time. My chip time was 1:41:38 and my garmin time was


I had a 10:05 average pace. I’m not going to lie, I was not happy about this. I realize it was against the odds that I even finished but still.

It was a nice race

Lake Erie



With our medals!


PerMa and Rebecca!

Overall, I actually did have fun. It was a great environment, nice to be along the lake and the weather was amazing! About 65 degrees and breezy.

Wizard of Oz is on TV and calling my name!



How did your last race go?


3 responses to “Rough and Fun

  1. YAY!! good job thats so awesome!! farthest iv run so far is 8 miles!

  2. Nice job; way to stick it out!

    And sadly, I haven’t raced lately because pole vaulting has been very demanding, but I’m hoping to do a race this summer before cross country starts.

  3. I dont know how runners do it. I cant handle more than a wee race to see who can get the last beer, or from one tackle to the next. The thought of running a long race like that, especially if i wasnt absurdly tall (im like 193cm) is mind boggling. All you runners out there have my utmost respect and admiration.

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