Nuts about Cashews

Hey friends!! Let’s talk about something I have been eating a ridiculous abundance of in the past few days.


Cashew’s and cashew butter


Hello, I love you (this was full yesterday… oops)


The reason for my recent cashew addiction is unknown but I’m ok with it, aside from being delicious cashews are a nutrition powerhouse.


Are packed with soluble fiber and phyto-chemicals that help fight cancer

Are full of healthy fat to help lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol)

A handful of cashews daily can help prevent deficiencies of zinc, manganese, potassium, copper, iron and magnesium.(I expect I have an insane abundance of these things.)

They are filled with B vitamins and even some antioxidants!


Aside from cashews, my appetite has still not been 100% because of the cold though I am feeling a lot better, thank you for all the well wishes!

Vegetables have not been sounding that great but fruit has been so I’ve been loading up on that




Along with some waffles and breakfast cookie dough



Tonight some more real food was sounding good so I made Annie’s mac and cheese. I mixed half the box with spinach, broccoli, hot sauce and pepper.



Almonds and cashews of course! I had more, my hand is really small =)

I’ve still been working out but more lifting than cardio because of the cough. Today I ran a slow mile, did 15 minutes on the bike and lifted for 45 minutes. I hope to get a great bike interval workout in tomorrow but we’ll see.

I also got great exercise dancing last night because we didn’t have class today so I went out, woo hoo!! It was my friends birthday so we hung out in her room for a while before going to the party.


Birthday girl!!

I’m actually ok with not running this week (though I do miss it) but I have to keep my legs fresh for something this weekend…. it’s a surprise!



What foods do you like when your sick? Cold things for a sore throat for sure

What’s your favorite nut/nut butter?


4 responses to “Nuts about Cashews

  1. I LOVEEEE CASHEWS!!!! i take BIG handfuls of them with my meals!! 😀 :D.. fav nut butter is peanut butter!

  2. I’m obsessed with cashews too. I made some chocolate chip dough balls with them a few weeks ago, and of course, I had to get the biggest container of cashews at BJs. It take up the whole top shelf in the fridge, and it isn’t going to last that much longer! Now that I know the benefits of cashews I don’t feel as bad about being a cashew monster!

    • That is awesome, I’d be happy to help you finish it =)! They are just so delicious, how could you resist?!

  3. I love cashews, but I’ve never had cashew butter, that needs to change!

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