Don’t be a Drag


Just be a queen =).

So, I’ve mentioned before that my school is tiny and full of hippies. So what happens on my Saturday night at this kind of school? Drag show in the science center baby.

I was a bad blogger and forgot my camera =(. I have some pics on my phone but they’re really crappy (and may scare the children).

The main point I wanted to make was that I was incredibly surprised by what I got out of the show (besides endless amazing entertainment). I walked away incredibly inspired.

I used to always live by the phrase “I do me”. I still believe that but I haven’t been showing it as much lately. I’ve been having a hard time balancing breaking back into college life for my recovery and living the healthy life I still want to mainly because I am afraid of judgement.

However, watching these phenomenal ladies, I have never seen better examples of people just “doing them”.

So last night and this morning I did both sides of me by getting al dressed up (heels and all) and dancing all night with some new girlfriends. I then got up at 9 this morning to take a long walk and buy spinach, sprouted grain bread and peanut butter =).


Have you ever had this kind of PB? It’s not my fave but I do love it! The price tag makes me nauseous so I only get it once in a while. There has already been serious damage done.


For the past few days I’ve just been really snacky. Including putting peanut butter and honey on everything I can find.


Sesame toast cuc with dijon and strawberries

I did manage some greenage for dinner (I need more in my life)


Spinach, mango, hummus, tofu, broc and carrots. Sprouted grain muffin with smart balance and blueberry preserves.

Off to paint my nails, wash my hair (wow) and do a bio project!



What has inspired you lately?

Any recent food addictions? Yes, I’ve always love PB and honey but I fear it is getting somewhat out of hand


2 responses to “Don’t be a Drag

  1. My recent food addictions are the white parts of hard boiled eggs and string cheese. Random

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