The number my google reader is currently at because I have been SO behind on not only my blog but all of your amazing ones as well!!

Don’t worry this won’t be a permanent thing, my laptop charger stopped working thus causing my laptop to stop working. Then the amazing PerMa intervened and sent me a new charger so I can rejoin the blog world at last, and let me say, I missed you all greatly!

201104161341.jpg r

It did come at an interesting time though, because I have been thinking about making some changes to the blog anyway. I will probably be posting less frequently but I will try to make the posts much higher quality and that are more informative.

I really wanted to do my 13 miles this morning. However 23 mph winds and rain is not anything I am willing to run in. I tried at the gym but wasn’t expecting much, this is how I view the treadmill recently


I made it about 6 miles and called the running quits, honestly I’m kind of shocked I made it that far. To make up for the lost endurance I biked for 50 minutes on a easy level of the random workout.


mmm… Breakfast (Lunch?) My gym doesn’t open till 10 on Saturday (boo) so It was after 12 by the time I got back.

Vanilla- Cashew Peanut breakfast cookie dough

1/3 cup oatmeal

1/4 cup vanilla almond granola

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1 tbsp PB2 or peanut flour

1 stevia packet

1 spoon cashew butter (I just used what was left in the jar)

1 gigantic banana

enough milk of your choosing to cover it all


Oh and by the way, these guys


I always love, but they are rockin’ it so far this season, expect to hear much more =).

Speaking of sports, I want to try to catch some of the Bulls- Pacers playoff game, see you later!



Thoughts on treadmill long runs?

Are you watching any of the NBA playoffs? I’m trying to pick a new team to avoid the depression of the fact the Cavs aren’t in it….


3 responses to “260

  1. Go Tribe & Bulls :)!

  2. glad to hear from you! wow even 6 miles is impressive on the treadmill! i hate long runs on the treadmilll but i love intervals and hill runs!!

  3. I’m glad you’re back! I can’t even run on the treadmill, I’m horrible! Way to go…and that “cookie dough” looks amazing!

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