Stretch it Out

As I have mentioned before, I do not stretch enough. 201104111059.jpg

Normally I “make up” for my lack of stretching during the week by going to yoga club on Sunday, however due to my very late night on Saturday, I slept through yoga club.

How much I need it was proven to me when I went to run this morning and my calves and quads were so tight they were completely throwing off my running stride. I made it about a mile before calling it a cross train day =(.

20 minutes on the bike and 40 minutes of lifting later


Deliciousness in the form of a chocolate protein breakfast bake! All I really wanted was the coconut butter but this a tasty thing to have underneath it. I just realized I need to update my recipes since moving over to wordpress, sorry guys!

Monday Mini-Goals


More fruits and veggies (especially veggies)

Finish third draft of sociology paper

Read pleasure book before bed most nights



Do you stretch enough of do you put it off like me?

What are your “mini goals” for the week?


2 responses to “Stretch it Out

  1. i SO Need to stretch more.. before ANd after!! i just get so impatient!

  2. The Balanced Bean

    Oh man, I am so terrible at stretching! I hardly ever do it, and if i do, its for about 2 minutes! Shame on me, lol =)

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