Off Week

I feel like I have had such on off week of food. Actually it’s been just kind of an off week for me in general but it has included my eats.

To me, a healthy diet includes nutritious food, a good balance and variety. I have been severely lacking in variety this week. I feel like I have been living off of hummus, nut butter, cereal, oatmeal and pretzels. Mainly because I have. I have also been indulging quite a but in my enjoy life snicker-doodles and dark chocolate.

Again, most of these foods are not unhealthy so I’m not too worried but I’ve also been very sleepy and not had a lot of motivation for school work. I am going to make it a point this week to pack my meals with veggies and try for much more fresh fruit… and I could probably be cool with ONE dessert.

Right after breakfast I went to the store just for veggies, and actually got just veggies! Win for Caitlin! Ok, I got a mango and grapes too… and some gum but I’m not counting those =)


For “lunch” (it was small) I threw together two corn tortillas with laughing cow and leftover baked beans with a bowl of some veg and superfruit vinaigrette.

I worked on a paper and then took a nap.

And woke up super hungry so had a mini breakfast cookie dough bowl (told you)


It held me for all of an hour before I was starving again. It was a little after 5 so I thought I would try to push dinner back a little. I had an apple and the last of my pineapple and felt like I had eaten nothing.

Clearly cooking something was not going to work so I had a pumpkin yogurt bowl


One box of cereal gone!

and a pita with PB

and four snicker-doodles

and a little bowl of cheerios

and a hummus wrap

and a handful of almonds

And I’m hungry… and I have issues


How do you get “back on track”

Would you like some of my appetite? There is plenty to go around!


3 responses to “Off Week

  1. I think ive been living off of hummus and nut butter a little too much lately too, but I kinda dont wanna change that šŸ™‚

    Ever since you mentioned BPS syndrome, ive been using it to describe my appetite…we are so similar in our eating patterns!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE snickerdoodles!!

  3. Getting back on track: how funny, Caitlin, I’ve been off for awhile too. I’ve been in this funk, and it was seriously affecting my pole vaulting. But my wonderful coach and teammates were so wonderful with me, telling my to relax and “focus on having fun”. It’s true. Once I realized how much I do enjoy life and how wonderful it is, things really straightened out. That, and the fact that I leave for a week long vacation tomorrow šŸ™‚

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