Lessons from the Master

Some running lessons it is more than alright to learn from other runners. As PerMa has always told me “runners love to talk about running” <– true story

However there are some lessons that only running itself can teach you, especially during the long run.


What I learned today?

If your calves cramp up 4 miles in, instead of cutting your run short it is OK  stop your garmin every mile to stretch them out.

Long runs take a LONG TIME, longer than the time of the actual run. With my bathroom, stretching and water bottle re-filling stops I was out for about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Humid runs suck, my body felt a good temperature, maybe even a little chilly but I was dripping like I had been in a sauna for days.

If you’re really struggling, stop checking your pace and your splits and just run. I didn’t even get my splits today. I just ran as much as I could, walked for a minute when I needed it and took the stretch breaks.

And what I’ve known but what was VERY MUCH reinforced today,

Running is not always fun. You don’t always want to do it but nothing can replace the feeling of finishing, no matter what it is worth it.

I did want to finish in under two hours. I kind of gave up on the around mile 5 and just wanted to finish but when I saw it was an option I sprinted the last tenth of a mile and yes that time counts as under two hours!

I fueled with a clif bar before and on the run had about 8 oz of gatorade and three dried pineapple chunks.



Quaker oat squares, yogurt, banana, honey and cinnamon


And of course a ton of cashew butter reminisce.

here is the other cashew butter jar.


If it looks like it has two different colors, it’s because it does. I combined the rest of both this morning so I could use the jar… again because I’m the coolest kid around.



Tell me some lessons you’ve learned just from experience, running or not!


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    • Lol, I’m glad you approve! I’m still trying to work some things out with it but I definitely already like it better!

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