Age ain’t nothin’ but a number

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Well, it turns out that weight, body composition and health IS much more than just a number. DSCI0100.JPG


I truly cannot emphasize this enough. First, I will say, if you must be weighed by your doctor as part of recovery that is fine however in this case, NEVER make it a point to find out your weight.

To your ED, the scale measures self worth. It measures whether you will have a good day or bad day, how much better you are than everyone else, how much you are allowed to eat that day and how much you have to work out.

What the scale really measures? Arguably your weight, arguably not a whole hell of a lot. The scale gives you a number THAT’S IT. That is not a measure of health and in reality it may give you a number 5 pounds different the next day.

Most scales do not measure body fat to muscle mass, take bloating or water weight into account and many may not be calibrated correctly. Other things scales don’t do?


Congratulate you on your amazing run

Tell you that even if you don’t like the number you still look beautiful (which you do, all of you, all of the time)

Hug you or apologize after it ruined your day

And besides, I’m pretty sure that if I dropped a scale it would break in half. Something THAT weak is going to bring down people who are THIS strong? I think not my friends, not at all. 201104082007.jpg

For lunch I cleverly packed a pumpkin yogurt bowl! (tupperware?)


Greek yogurt and pumpkin, baggie of oat, spelt flakes and wheat chex, and butter crunch cashew crumbles and Justin’s PB. I used a little more than 1/2 the packet.

Snack plate, plus cereal and more PB and almonds. I need to just have a much bigger lunch, a big afternoon snack and a light dinner. That’s what has been happening anyway I should just plan it that way so I can get more veggies in.


For dinner I made a simple hummus wrap with cuc, spinach and dijon plus baby carrots and pineapple.


A pickle jumped in because I found them when I put the hummus away… mmm salty =).

I’m going to a presentation tonight called “I heart female orgasm”, I’ll let you know how it is!



What’s your opinion on scales? I’ve weighed myself once since I’ve been in recovery, I will not again and I’m not looking back!

Fun Friday night plans?


One response to “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number

  1. definitely no scale UNLESS you need to put on weight.. like when i was in recovery the scale helped me so i knew iw as on the right track and then of course when i reached goal weight i knew i should stop on the gaining meal plan! but once your ata healthy weight… ditch the scale! i never use it.. i just base it all on how i feel and how my clothes fit!

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