Super Mouse

A lot of the time, bio is rather boring… and then it has it’s moments.

The other day, we watched a video of two mice who were both 18 months old. They were running on treadmills for the first time, one went for an hour the other for FOUR hours, in human equivalent it would be someone running a marathon without having run at all before in their life.

The mouse that went so long is known as PEPCK (said like pepsi-kay) mouse. PEPCK is an enzyme found in your liver that metabolizes sugar for energy. What they did to this mouse was put PEPCK in the muscle fibers so it got literally instant energy because sugar was metabolized at the source.

I’m looking into being the first human test subject… it would free up my Saturday mornings quite a bit =).
Some eats for the day were

Hummus, nooch and veggie wrap, apple, homemade snack mix and string cheese

PB&J cereal. This is probably my new favorite snack. Just a little bowl of cereal (quaker oat squares), 1/2 a banana, a scoop of PB and blueberry preserves, amazing.
I had three and a larabar and totally spoiled my dinner appetite. I’ve been doing that a lot lately =(.
I obviously don’t like spoiling my dinner appetite but I am always starving when I get back from class at four… I need to find some way to redistribute my calories. It’s also not so bad because at least it’s with nutritional foods instead of a bunch of cookies or something.

Eventually I put together something light. I really wanted the pineapple I bought yesterday so I had a bowl of it with raw tofu and nuked baby carrots with some sunflower butter, don’t knock it till you try it!
Sorry for the weird lighting, it was later than usual.
Plus an english muffin and two enjoy life snicker-doodles (one package, there are two cookies per package)
If you could have a superpower what would it be? I used to want to fly, now I want my muscles instead of my liver to metabolize sugar.


2 responses to “Super Mouse

  1. Poor mice! I hope they got a good recovery meal 🙂

    • It was kind of sad to watch actually but I guess he must have been having fun! And I thought the same thing… hi we’re food bloggers =P

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