Smoothie Criminal

So I must admit, recently I’ve been feeling a little left out of the blog world. Not you worry, you all are wonderful, it’s my own fault!

I feel like I am the only blogger/runner to not make smoothies on a regular basis! The reasons have to do with laziness, too many dishes and the want to actually chew my food.

However, I do think smoothies are a great way to pack in a bunch of nutrients and food groups do this morning I decided to give it a try!

Just for the record, I literally laughed out loud when I thought of that title, in case you were wondering how cool I am..

Vanilla-blueberry protein smoothie! Kind of…


My immersion blender stopped working part way through so what I ended up with as a mix of a water, protein powder and partially thawed frozen blueberries. I still had it and it didn’t taste bad at all but certainly not very smooth.

Plus two waffles with cashew butter and honey


The full picture

And the real full picture! I don’t eat here, just photograph for the light from outside!

This morning for a workout I did 15 minutes on the bike, 15 on the ET and then an hour of weights.

I actually had no intention of lifting for so long but I was loving it so much that I forgot to look at the clock and by the time I felt like I had physically finished it had been an hour! Woops!

Have a marvelous Friday!



Are you a smoothie person?

Where do you take pictures of your food?

Weights or cardio? Clearly I love both but recently I’ve actually been having a preference for weights… not good with a 12 miles run in the works this weekend!

Do you like Michael Jackson? Favorite song of his? LOVE!! Black or White is my fave!


3 responses to “Smoothie Criminal

  1. Oops, sorry about the blender fail :(. I’d have to go with old school Jackson 5 , “I Want You Back”.

  2. i so like smoothies a lot!! but i hate having to clean myblender- ahah i know, im lazy!! cardio 100% over weights!! but i do like some jillian michaels strength workouts!

    • Talk about lazy! What I don’t show on the blog? The VAST majority of my meals are made in the microwave/toaster oven =P.

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