Last round groceries?

I’ll just start with saying I’m a bad blogger and forgot to take a picture of my lunch =(. It’s too bad because it was kind of funny! I packed cheese and veggie scrambled eggs (they do not travel great), sweet potato chips and mango chunks.

I’m ok with having oats twice a day. I made a mini breakfast cookie dough bowl for a snack today. Plus a million other spoons of nut butter.DSCI0001.JPG

Star of the dinner show!

Baked sweet potato with coconut butter, raisins and dried cranberries… o heavenly yumtasitc. And my room smells like baked sweet potato… winning.

Plus a vegan chik’n pattie and steamed broc topped with dijon and ketchup.

Alright, I know I’m supposed to be using up food, but I do still have a month and there are a few things that I thought it was reasonable to get for that coming month.

After dinner I took advantage of my schools “Wednesday night errand” shuttle and went to Wal Mart. Normally I walk to stores on the weekend but the one’s within walking distance have very limited options.

This won’t actually be my LAST grocery trip, I’ll still need fresh veggies but I think it will probably be my last Wal Mart trip.


Pitas for pre-workout (or deliciousness) and flat outs. Aren’t flat outs the BEST!? 90 calories per wrap?? Perfect excuse to use 5 tablespoons of peanut butter!


Butter toffee almonds, nut/seed butters, fruit spread, mac and cheese and veggie burgers


I hope they mean a family of one


cereal, pineapple, cottage cheese and yogurt, clif for pre long run, english muffins and orange almond dark chocolate

I also bought whole wheat toaster waffles and tofu but they escaped the pictures.

Plus handy wipes! Has anyone else noticed a theme with bloggers of either having top notch personal hygiene or none at all? Well, I wouldn’t say I have NONE but I am really bad about washing my face at night. I do in the shower after the gym in the morning but I always go to bed with makeup on, hopefully these will be an easy motivation!

Currently in bed munching PB toast and dark chocolate and about to go read your wonderful blogs, love this! night!



What did you get on your last big grocery trip?

Personal hygiene? How do you do? Better than most college students actually. I do shower daily… washing my hair is a whole other story. But my dorm room is spick and span!


3 responses to “Last round groceries?

  1. Youve got some great goods! Lovin that hummus and sunbutter! I always need almond milk, cottage cheese, apples, and lots of veg! Oh and PB too 🙂

  2. ooo i love all your goodies!! esp josephs!! i love their products!

  3. Your dinner is pretty! And YAY for the face wipes, now your mother can stop nagging :).

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