Counseling and Cookies


I saw a counselor at my school this morning. Today we just did an initial interview with background and what-not but I’m really excited to keep seeing her, I think it will help a ton! She already gave me some papers on the dangers of the diet mentality and intuitive eating. DSCI0002.JPG

My hummus expired yesterday so lunch was easy! I packed the rest of it with a cup of baby carrots, 1/2 a bell pepper and half a large cucumber. Plus some mary’s gone crackers and a string cheese.

These came in the mail today… I am SERIOUS, someone cancel my amazon account!!!

In addition to being nut and gluten free they are also vegan, oh and DELICIOUS! A texture like tiny muffins. I’ve already had two packets =/.

I let myself get WAY too hungry this afternoon so I had this toast X2 plus pretzels and some almonds.

Then when I finally got hungry for dinner much later than usual I really did not want to cook. So in interest of using up some food I have I went for this in the way back of the freezer.


I added some spinach and mushrooms for nutrients plus black pepper and red pepper flakes for flavor.

The verdict? Not that great. Actually, really not good at all. I ended up eating about 1/2 of it and having some toast with butter. Lame sauce dinner, good thing my cookies are amazing =).



Have you ever seen a counselor, did it help?

Has anyone found a good, somewhat healthy, microwave meal?


4 responses to “Counseling and Cookies

  1. WordPress – exciting & looks great :)! Sorry about the lame dinner :(.

  2. Yum those cookies look amazing! I have seen a counselor before, and it really helps! Congrats on the move 🙂

  3. I know this is after the fact. But I saw a counselor before (for my anxiety) and I think it really did help, I better, although not perfect, but much better at handling stressful situations then I use to be. Proud of you darling!


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