Could it be?

Is it FINALLY coming?201104061052.jpg

I don’t know, what I DO know it I walked to the gym only in these clothes this morning instead of giant sweats!! DSCI0005.JPGThis morning I ran 2 miles in just under 18 minutes when my shin stared talkin’ sh** to me. Again, I hate risking things on short runs so very sadly I hopped off the treadmill and onto the ET.

When I started a reverse interval on the ET my shin felt like it was going to break it half… I think THAT is what caused it!! My cross training is HURTING my running instead of helping… clearly no more reverse intervals for me!!

I also got on the bike so in total I did about 35 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of full body weights.

O SO DELICIOUS breakfast! Overnight pumpkin oats!


The rest of my yogurt, water, pumpkin, 1/3 cup oats, chocolate whey protein, stevia and pumpkin pie spice


This morning topped with banana, cinnamon raising granola crumbles (gettin to the bottom of the bag) and sunflower butter. I’m almost out =(, do we think it’s too late in the year to get another jar?

The texture of these was different because I actually had a good amount of yogurt left. Still delicious I just couldn’t detect the doughiness of the oats as much.

Happy hump day everyone!



What is your favorite cross training?

Should I buy more sunflower butter, yay or nay?


6 responses to “Could it be?

  1. If your shins are bugging you, I have a few suggestions: Eat bananas. They can help you heal, and be preventative as well. While you’re in class, write the alphabet with your feet. If your shins are this bad, it will likely be uncomfortable, but so worth it. Also, tap your foot as fast as you can for sixty seconds. Then switch feet. Aim for 3 times each foot per class. My track coaches in high school used to look for us to be doing this. You could look into getting a shin sleeve if it persists. As far as cross training goes, try hitting the pool once in awhile, and adding toes and heels walks to swimming. Oh! One final thing. Grab a tennis ball and massage out your shins/calves. This could be killer, but it will help. Follow with icing. Instead of ice bags, try soaking in a shin-deep ice bath or freezing a dixie cup of water, then rubbing it over your shin, peeling away the cup as it melts. That was way longer than I intended, but after 13 years of gymnastics, 7 years of track, and 2 years of cross country, I’ve seen my share of shin splints. Good luck!

    • Thank you so much Kate! I’ve been icing and foam rolling. Brendan Vorphal also gave me a few stretches to do but I will for sure be trying those ones I can do in class. Really really helpful and thanks so much for reading!! How is your project going?

  2. i love workout dvds for cross training!!!!… ive never had sunflower seed buttah! your oats look fab! hope your shin is okay!

    • I got the 30 day shred and haven’t even tried it yet! I like going to the gym to get me out of my room but I really should give it a shot! CARRIE!! You need sunflower butter in your life, make this priority =P xoxo

  3. Sorry about your shin girl! 😦 The elliptical is my favourite way to cross train, so I hope I never have any problems with it…

  4. My project is going well…seems like Professor Majeed is really into it and has high expectations for the final project. No pressure or anything lol

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