>Brace Yourself



Apparently this is what 12 hours of sleep with a cold looks like in the morning… who knew?

I was GOING to go out last night. I showered, put on make up and an outfit… and then started to feel like poo. I guess the 11 miles while trying to surpress a cold caught up to me.

I fell asleep fully clothed on my made up bed at 9:30, woke up at 2 to put on PJs and slept until 9 this morning.


Can you be hungover without drinking?

I was hungry fro breakfast but not everything was looking so good. I wanted oats and cold cereal. I though it would be a good day to try the Fitnessista’s breakfast cookie dough!


I mixed

1/3 cup oats

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1 big spoon cashew butter

a few splashes of skim milk

1/2 a banana



vanilla almond granola for crunch


I ended up drowning it in milk for more coldness. This is GENUIS, will definitely be added to me rotation!


I always eat at my desk, this morning I ate here (Cinnamon is reading your blogs). I should eat here on more Sundays =).



How did you sleep last night?

What is sleeping in for you? I never sleep past 8, this is a big deal!


4 responses to “>Brace Yourself

  1. >Aw, I hope you feel better! I've been wanting to try that cookie dough cereal for awhile, it looks fantastic!

  2. >AHHAAAH i hope you feel better!! dont worry i look MUCH worse when i feel like poop!

  3. >You know what? You don't look bad at all! I mean, yeah, you've got your cranky face on…but you actually look really cute. Glad you enjoyed your breakfast!

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