This is how I went to bed… and woke up. It’s a good feeling. O, why you ask? This from the Washington Post sums it up!

Sweet Revenge: Cavaliers take down LeBron James, Miami Heat 102-90

CLEVELAND — In an unbearable season of losses, Cleveland got the win it wanted most.

The Cavaliers took down LeBron James.

Clearly it’s learn things about Caitlin week so here’s another thing about me.. I LOVE sports. I am a die hard Cleveland sports fan, The Indians, The Browns and THE CAVS! Which means seeing this “person” Turns me into this x100000000

Thus I am happy! Too happy, I actually cried with happiness last night, that’s how much I love my city and my teams and I am not ashamed.

Two other things making me happy things morning


Running my best 5 mile time EVER outside on a weekday morning

Followed by 25 minutes of lifting


And chocolate overnight chia pudding oats in almost empty nut butter jar!

Last night:Oats, skim milk, chia seeds, stevia and chocolate protein powder= A texture like mousse/pudding


This morning, simply an entire banana and cinnamon, tasted like a banana Resse’s cup!

I’m predicting a good hump day!



Do you watch professional sports? If you’re a Heat fan… sorry I’m not sorry


3 responses to “>I. AM. SO. HAPPY.

  1. >yay for being happy!!!!! GREAt run time!!! i watch college bballmore.. but LAkers for me! go LA!

  2. >That overnight chocolate chia pudding looks PHENOM! I'm Flo, by the way! Love your blog! 😀

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