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You may have noticed that I have recently been mentioning friends more, posting later and actually going out on the weekend. For the first time in many months I have somewhat of a social life.

A major part of eating disorders is self isolation. Your ED convinces you this is for many reasons. You’re better than everyone else, you only need your ED, you really want to be alone..blah blah blah.

The main reasons I have been reaching out to people is because I was sick of being alone. That fact in itself shows progress towards recovery. In addition the people I have been reaching to are those who I feel I can tell about what I am going through because you cannot fully recover without support. It is a great distraction from your ED voice and can make you remember what is really important.

I used to love to go out on the weekend. I loved being with people most of the time. My ED had convinced me that I no longer liked people but of course… it was a lie. I have been having a great time reconnecting with people and making new friends.


For lunch put together some fun fajita type things (scientific term). I got corn tortillas at the store today so i topped each with laughing cow, a bunch of chili-lime white bean dip, veggies and salsa. I had grapes on the side which were so appealing for whatever reason.




Per usual for me my appetite has not been on point all day. I got a little hungry for a snack so I mixed up PB2 and jelly sauce with some pretzels


Hi, I’m Caitlin and I’m boring addicted to omelets. Veggie om-nom with mango, toast with smart balance, fruit spread and PB… come on you know me.

I feel my appetite slightly returning, I’ll probably get in a dense snack soon… I’m going out again tonight =)



Tell me about your best friend!


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