>Store Brands Rule


Woo I had a great workout! Normally I run on Monday but because I did yesterday I cross trained on the bike on random for 6 miles (26 minutes) and lifted for 40 minutes. I did body weight work last week but after over a week off it felt awesome to hit the weights again!

I had a pita with PB2 before I left.

The best and worst part of grocery shopping? So many options! I had a heck of a time deciding what I wanted for breakfast. Plus my cravings are changing because the weather is finally starting to seem springy!


I settled on cottage cheese mixed with vanilla protein powder, vanilla almond granola , strawberries, raisins and butter toffee almonds. Plus “cheerios”


Save-A-Lot brand, $2 less…


99% same ingredient list

Taste identical


Pretty busy day ahead but I’m hoping something fun is waiting in the mail for me…

Have a great Monday!



What store brands do you buy?


One response to “>Store Brands Rule

  1. >I always buy store brands! From either ralphs or vons…I always buy the store brand of cottage cheese (your breakfast looks yummy!). I'm all for saving the $$ 🙂

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