Morning! Last night I snacked on a good handful of licorice coins (they are black licorice Maryann!) and 1/2 and almond butter and jelly sandwich.

We woke up this morning to rain, rain, rain! However I’m actually alright with that for now… remember last night I mentioned I can get a little sun sensitive?



I was not kidding. Don’t lie, it’s attractive.

I woke up and did 45 minutes of intense vinyasa yoga from yogadowload.com (power #4) and 15 minutes of squats, jumping jacks, squat jumps, planks, pushups and abs. Not too shabby and I’ll probably take a walk late this afternoon!

As for this morning I made a big pot of whipped banana oats for PerMa and I as she has never had them!

In the mix I put

1/2 cup oats

1/2 cup cooked wheatberries (we still have leftovers!)

A good splash of milk

a bunch of water

1 very large banana

Delicious base and I topped mine with


Some great Florida strawberries, almond butter and a little jelly (AB&J is legit ALL I have been really wanting lately! Comfort food craving much?)


Since we can’t eat outside we just ate close to outside! Too clever PerMa!

And since we can’t sit outside we are going shopping! TJMaxx here we come!



What are some spring essentials that I should look for?

Go to comfort food for you? Mine is TOTALLY a loaded up PB&J, especially on toast!


One response to “>Dreary=Shopping

  1. >You are so taking me to that candy store with you!! Thanks so much for the dedication…you had me drooling!! Your oatmeal looks absolutely amazing…I want it:) My go to comfort food has to be a grilled cheese sandwich or mac and cheese. Hope you are having an amazing day gorgeous girl!

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