>Pool Afternoon


PerMa and I spent a beautiful afternoon down at the pool.


Reading of Jane Austen and Malcolm Gladwell occurred



PerMa loves her kindle!


My stomach has been touch and go all day which is standard for me after a long run so when I actually got hungry I took advantage of a big snack.

For dinner we had a make your own mexican salad bar


Black beans, tomatoes, green peppers and onions, avocado, salsa, greek and taco seasoning for garnish


And wheatberries! Can’t wait to have the leftovers for breakfast!


My bowl (the berries and beans are hiding)

We ate a little early so we could take a nice walk





Ice cream! I figure every other day on vaca is reasonable… especially on long run days!


Vanilla brownie M&M and Birthday Cake… yes this is the smallest size they have =P


PerMa made away with chocolate topped with whipped cream and a bag of jelly beans that she is very excited about.

I settled down to watch TV for the night and became ravenous. Like a ridiculous insatiable snacking machine. Snacks consumed were

A bunch of PerMa’s candy

Pretzels times a zillion and almond butter

an AB&J

A kashi bar

I know it’s crazy but I waited in between each and was legit hungry for all of it! It was a little scary but due to struggles with restriction I’ve had even if it seems out of whack I really try to listen and for some reason tonight it was eat eat eat!




2 responses to “>Pool Afternoon

  1. >Aww!! That sounds like so much fun! Jealous that you got to lay out by the pool…and mexican salad bar is my dream!

  2. >Ah, I want to lay out by the pool!! So jealous! 😉

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