>Warm Weather Worthy


I totally chilled this afternoon! I’m so not used to it and not very good at it… I liked it very much. I did some homework reading in the warm sun… I only have about 20 pages left so I can just get it done and then do pleasure reading and blog maintenance!


My lunch left me a little hungry so I had a late afternoon snack of some mini peppers with cottage cheese and salsa

It took me roughly forever to decide what to make for dinner… so many choices!

I finally decided that it would be best for out first home cooked vacation meal to go with something warm weather worthy!


I made a big salad for me and PerMa with a can butter beans, green onion, a Florida navel orange, a tomato, snap peas with a little honey and EVOO and chilled it for about 40 minutes. When it came out topped it with 1/2 an avocado


While it chilled PerMa tossed some delicious green beans with EVOO and italian seasoning and roasted them up, of course I topped with ketchup


We rounded it out with a little cheesy toast… it was a delicious spring break meal!


Palate cleanser =). I’ll probably be having some cereal in a little bit as well!

Alright, fuel belt bottles are filled, overnight oats are made, clothes and cliff bar are laid out… long run in the AM! I’m going for 7, PerMa for 9, wish us luck!



How did your weekend wrap up?


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