>Upgrade on the way!


Not much to report accept all morning I’ve been working on getting The Permanent Life over to WordPress so hopefully an upgrade will be coming soon! I also finished some homework and foam rolled the life out of my IT band (in a good way).

Not shockingly I was hungry about 2 hours after breakfast so I threw together a colorful salad Using one of these that I found yesterday.

veggie burgers.jpg

Sorry it’s sideways =(. They are store brand so were a lot cheaper

burger nutrition.jpg

But decent nutrition and although the ingredient list is a little long its not all that bad… for cheap vacation food I approve! Plus they’re the kind clearly made from a bunch of veggies which I love.


Over spinach with mini peppers, carrots and salsa. Triscut thins and hummus on the side

DSCI0155.JPGWith a big glass of iced green tea! See that sun? That’s telling me to head to the pool!



If your a vegetarian/vegan or if you just like veggie burgers what’s your favorite brand? Do you avoid the ones with soy?

Do you prefer veggie or bean burgers?

Personally I haven’t tried that many but I am a fan of the boca vegan grillers and the morning star asian veggie. I’d also like to make my own more often!


One response to “>Upgrade on the way!

  1. >I love black bean burgers. I've only ever had them at restaurants, though, so I can't recommend any brands.

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