>Things I Leanrned Today



This is a delicious salad but hard to eat during a mid-term. Spinach, corn, vegan burger, tomatoes, a ton of salsa to finish the jar, avocado and a string cheese


2-in-1 granola bar packs rock


Nut butter+coffee+vitamins are good to transport together


This is the best way to carry a bar stash


Shopping bags are handy


All of this


Plus this plus much more are the reason I strength train… moved it on my own

Insert baby carrots and cinnamon swirl PB here
DSCI0015.JPGThis is currently what most of my new room looks like, my bed is set up already


A little more

I still have to get most of my clothes, books and some other random things over but good progress for now!


Omelets and sesame bread with smart balance light and fruit spread do not get old. Two egg omelet with nooch, spinach, mushrooms, onions and garlic. Some tomato sauce got added on top too.

I also learned that I will be living in this room the rest of my life because moving is tough! I will spend the night unpacking and having some kind of treat at some point!



Share your moving stories with me!


One response to “>Things I Leanrned Today

  1. >Ah, moving is never fun! But multi-tasking bags are always good! 😉

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