>Over Stimulated


I spent the afternoon working at my favorite coffee place where afternoon snacks included a cafe au lait, an apple and a latte. I only got the Latte because I was still in need of something and it was free. I should have gotten decaf but I sure did get a lot of work done!

I’ve been hungry today but I know it’s not where it should be… longer runs always do weird things to my stomach must figure this out before the really long ones start!

I walked home, looked for summer jobs and made a quick dinner


New Ezekiel sesame bread (really good) with melty cheese and hummus


A very colorful salad! In this mix



red pepper


sesame seeds



garlic saltDSCI0015.JPG

With herbal blueberry/blackberry tea. I have work again tonight snack later on will probably be some cereal or sweet potato chips!



What was the best summer job you’ve ever had?

Any runner advice for stomach issues?


One response to “>Over Stimulated

  1. >My summer job when I was 14 and 15 was working at water park, but it sucked!!

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