>Break Demanded


My computer totally gave up on me last night… 100%. I do abuse it too much by never turning it off or closing any windows so I just held the off button until it shut down, left it off all night and now it is working better than ever! Maybe not the most efficient way but I still have the paper that I’ve been working on so it’s all good, just goes to show everything needs a break sometimes!

I did have a great snack when I got back from work, since it was my last night for the week I had a “treat” yogurt that I got over the weekend with some wheat germ. I forgot how great wheat germ is with sweet things as opposed to just on salad!


I did a bike interval workout this morning (details to come later today!) that left me dripping with sweat and feelin’ ready for the day!

Before I left I went to an old stand-by


And then wanted a little something different for breakfast… warning looks gross and pathetic… is delicious and satisfying


1 poached egg plus some more whites, microwaved sweet potato chunks and frozen raspberries with my re-discovered wheat germ!


I also had a glass of skim milk and this tea which is amazing


Have a great Thursday!



What’s you favorite kind of tea? I really like anything lemon or citrus and peppermint but I haven’t found a tea I don’t like!


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