>The New Workout


My goodness it feels good to get things done before noon! My dorm room is clean and vacuumed, laundry is done and put away ( I don’t mind doing it but I hate putting it away!) and my backpack is even clean, sweet! I even had a little time to make a fancier lunch! DSCI0005.JPG

1/2 acorn squash with butter beans, a small apple and a little smart balance light sprinkled with cinnamon. So good! This is only most of the apple, the rest was eaten in the process because cleaning made me starving, that is a LEGIT form of active rest day exercise!


Side of flax bread with a little more smart balance and some fruit spread. I’m almost out of my strawberry but I have a back up jar of black cherry that I am really exited to try!


Alright, this look was more complicated than it was, I microwaved everything including the squash so it came together in about 15 minutes. But taste’s like it took and hour which is what counts!

Time for study study study and then yoga! I hope to be quite efficient in studying so maybe I can get a little walk in on the treadmill before yoga, we’ll see!




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