>Coffee Amazement


Evening! I spent a lovely afternoon out on the town! As I mentioned during my last post I was at my favorite coffee shop where I ended up obtaining this


Sorry for the sideways! I haven’t tried it yet but I was told that it’s coconut-chocolate-hazelnut and I died… a lot.

Snacks for the afternoon were my latte (I consider it a snack because I would consider a glass of milk one) and a peach chobani.


I got this from B&P’s and had it there while doing more studying. I got kicked out of Nikki’s because the Beloit International Film Festival is happening and they were doing a screening. It is so much fun to see downtown so lively though! B&P’s was actually packed with out-of-towners! So odd and fun! I haven’t actually seen any films but maybe next weekend?

I also grabbed a few fun things that will show up throughout the week! Really just a few this time actually, promise.

When I got back I did even a little MORE studying (woo hoo) and then all of a sudden it was 6:15 and I was hungry and hadn’t thought up anything! So I went with one of my few purchases of hummus which was needed.


Hummus pita melt with hummus, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Steamed okra and sweet potato chunks. Oh I guess two purchases! Ginger-pear green tea FOR THE WIN.

Tonight I’m going to watch Juno for the millionth time, paint my nails and foam roll… can’t wait!



Do you like flavored coffee? PerMa will only drink flavored coffee… I like both but it has to be a good flavor. The other one I considered today was butter pecan mmmm…..

Any fun Saturday plans?


3 responses to “>Coffee Amazement

  1. >okra! best veggie everrrrr!delicious looking dinner!have a great rest of your weekend!!~gc

  2. >Peach Chobani is amazing! I think the pomogrante is sitll my most favorite though!

  3. >Ok that coffee sounds amazing! and the tea too! Ginger-pear green tea? Jealous! Love the blog already, cant wait to read more 🙂 xoxo

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