>No I did not have a negative experience today, actually quite a positive one! In my MLK class we played a board game called “The Game of Oppression”. Every space either got you to draw a card which had an example of oppression or privilege on it. After each example we had a class discussion about what the card said. I think the most interesting one’s were 

“Statistically there are more ‘creatures’ on TV than asian-americans”

“You regularly get to eat out at a restaurant other than fast food. move ahead three spaces” (Example of privilege)

“An asian man wearing a business suit walks into an office building and a security guard asks which floor he is delivering food to”

These sparked A LOT of interesting anecdotes, opinions and questions such as are restaurants really more of a privilege than home cooking? Could the lack of Asian representation of TV simply be a cultural thing? 
Needless to say this class is making me feel very much like a white, privileged female which I am happy/unhappy to say I am grateful for. I am also grateful that I have access to such amazing food like…

Lunch that was grabbed on my way to class

I got a hummus sandwich on wheatberry bread with a bunch of veggies and a vanilla soy milk. I also grabbed an apple and banana but they have yet to be eaten.

Sammy insides

And a snack of baby carrots, almond butter and triscuts.

And a great dinner of barley (which seems to be all the rage!), apples and butter beans stuffed in a baked acorn squash with some feta. 

I now understand the barley obsession… it IS just like super chewy oats! 
All sprinkled in cinnamon 

I am also very grateful for the V-Day package is got from PerMa today! 

Dried fruit (enabler), gum (enabler again), dry roasted almonds, and THREE dark chocolate bars! Some of which will be tried for dessert! Confession, I have three dark chocolate bars currently going, this is turning into a nut butter type situation… 

I also got a fun gadget from amazon today which I will share with you over breakfast.

Finally getting caught up on Glee!


What are your thoughts/ opinions on the above statements?
Have you ever felt really oppressed? Have you ever helped someone you saw being oppressed? 


2 responses to “>Oppression

  1. >great post; that is really something to think about that is not discussed often enough. I really enjoyed reading!

  2. >Glad you liked the package :). And the Game of Oppression sounds pretty thought-provoking – this topic has been on my mind since reading The Help and having a great discussion about it in book club.

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