>Coulda, woulda, shoulda


Good morning! I have been having a very “should”/”shouldn’t” morning so far which I am not fond of so I’m shaking it early! What I mean is that I woke up going I SHOULD have a different workout snack for balance, I SHOULDN’T have a protein bar, I SHOULD have oatmeal because it’s good for me, I SHOULD use the brown banana so I don’t waste it blah. blah. blah. 
I hate this kind of thinking, it’s good to think about making healthy choices but I know that most of the choices I make are going to nourish my body and for me and probably for anyone getting into a this frame of mind is destructive. 
When I knew what I wanted for breakfast I went with I SHOULDN’T because I have an apple packed with lunch and then I thought… so replace that with something else and have what you want now! Duh.
This morning I did my standard Tuesday random bike work out and I did have the same snack from yesterday before.
When I got back….
Apple Pie yogurt bowl
Made with 
Chobani 0% mixed with truvia
Granny smith

Topped with wheat germ, cinnamon and Naturally More
And apple cinnamon green tea of course!
Do you like my matchingness? I do =). This was delicious and just what I wanted! Off to try and have a very productive day, I’d like to get way ahead because right before spring break is going to be crazy! 25 days!! 
Do you ever should/shouldn’t yourself? 
How do you balance it? 

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