>Wal-Worth it


Happy super bowl Sunday! First off when I got home from work last night I enjoyed a delightful snack of cottage cheese and a little dollop each of cinnamon raisin swirl and dark chocolate dreams PB… super yum!
However it was sadly the end of my cottage cheese… I need a few other things too but because I woke up to 
And it’s still coming down
I am going to take a taxi to wal-mart this morning…sad but true. I know Wal-Mart is evil and there should be better places to get groceries but the truth is it’s the closest store of that nature and I need some other things besides just food. Normally I would make the rounds to Save-A-Lot, B&P’s and Walgreens but the weather is non-permitting so just bear with me please. 
I woke up a STARVIN MARVIN so I made a giant bowl of oats

Oats cooked with milk, ground flax, chocolate whey protein and stevia and an orange spice tea bag for funsies, topped with a whole banana

Then got all dressed in cinnamon and coconut butter 
Good and filling for shopping power! Have a great Sunday everyone… almost the second week of February means almost spring! 
Do you have less than desirable shopping options where you are? 


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