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12 pm


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3 pm


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9 pm


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12 am


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This means the treadmill for me =(. Oh well I don’t mind that much I sort of like being able to just zone out the only thing I don’t like is being confined to the hours of the college gym. 

Because I have to wait until 10 I woke up in enough time to have a real breakfast instead of a snack

I went with a yogurt bowl instead of cooked oats because my roommate is still asleep, she did wake me up coming in late and loud last night so I thought about returning the favor but I didn’t want bad karma going into 8.5 miles =). 
Plain greek with pumpkin, banana, raw oats, wheat chex, almond butter and cinnamon
I threw some imitation coconut flavor in the yogurt too 
Chai tea with a little milkyness 
I’m going to make a recovery smoothie to bring to the gym with me. I pack it and have it while I stretch so I don’t have an excuse to come back to my room first and get distracted from stretching. I’m not sure what kind yet but I froze some orange slices… anyone tried to make a smoothie with frozen oranges before? I’m thinking maybe just a simple orange, ginger, vanilla? 
Happy Saturday!
Do you believe in karma? I do but I also believe in doing good just to do good, not for rewards! 


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