>Hot Date

>Holy cowsicle what a crazy busy day!

Quick recap for you-
got a package from home (yay!)
carried around said package all day long
contemporary food movements
meeting with professor about raw food movements paper (more or less confused? remains to be seen)
lunch and study time
meeting to get a major advisor so I can officially declare! =D
Study time
Finally go back to room to unpack/ do breakfast dishes
make dinner
more blogging

Woo I’m tired just reading it, but at least I got a lot done!

Lunch was eaten in my school’s fancy science center with my date cell respiration (he is HUNKY)

Salad with spinach, cauliflower, red and yellow pepper, quinoa, and my new Bobs’s Red Mill TVP which was great! Good texture and could be flavored all different ways!
Topped with white wine vinegar and a bunch of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos which I am loving already! In addition to garlic salt and red pepper flakes
I also had some “sweet milk” I just mix a pack of truvia with skim milk, I love it! Oh I also enjoyed a club cracker with my bio class to help demonstrate the first stage of digestion =). 
While studying and reading a few snacks were had 
I love these! They are a convenient, delicious, energizing snack and would probably be a great salad topper, good crunch! 
For dinner I went quick and convenient which will probably be a common theme this week 
Whole wheat tortilla with veggie chik’n pattie, hummus and avocado. And some Okra to go with my ketchup
Siracha =)
Peaks inside!
Hope everyone had a great start to the week! See you in the AM’s!

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